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Life Is Not A Competition, But It Is A Showcase

Yea. I am done noting 'subject' 'Jordie'...... . I have deployed my judgment marks accordingly....... . I have learned *so* *much* though........ . Witnessing a '10/10' 'rated' 'sloot' has transformed the way I see life.... .

Yesterday..., I just had a sudden urge to distance myself from sloots as much as possible. I had a burning desire to have no link to 'sloots' period.... . I noted 'those' 'party' 'ties' 'severed'..... . The results of my decision were immediate. I went into a vision state that shook the planet , and had a *looooooong* (*exhales in ecstasy and relief*) time to get acquainted with my true form..... . I had long blonde hair, and I seemed to be sitting on top of a castle wall.... . The sky was alive with blazing shooting stars...... . (*Goes red*).... . As my remote viewing form / state got sucked into my true body, my heart raced with exhilaration and excitement. I loved all of the moment. I loved the futuristic neo villager style attire I was wearing....(*blushes*). I loved the chance to feel limitless levels of homeland sourced cosmic energy rushing through my (!!!) anatomy, my physiology.... . (*Exhales in ecstasy*).

I want to do it.....(*goes red*). Life is not a competition, but it is a showcase...... . I aspire to have all the traits.....which sloots failed horribly at..... . I want to surpass 'Jordie' in all aspects, and I want to do it so that people like me can have somebody to believe in...... . I want to do it for the sake of *others*. I want to *try*...... . With my true body, I want to *sacrificially* strive for an *ultimate* level of beauty and attractiveness (*goes red*); I want to strive to be for somebody....., what 'ratchet' 'sloots' 'couldn't' be for me. I want to do those things, and do them whilst striving to be no less than absolutely humble...... . There is no time to 'egotistically' 'assume' '/' 'claim' at being beautiful.......when you know the truth: 'it' 'only' 'takes' 'one' 'mistake' 'to' 'be' 'stuck' 'as' 'a' 'hideous' 'black' 'male' 'in' 'a' 'hopeless' 'world'...... .

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I do not know what I was thinking ago. Was I even thinking? This is the *ULTIMATE* opportunity....which I have been given!!!! Yea, I want to aim for, but never 'assume' at having, the traits of a *PERFECT* GODDESS!!!! (*Blushes*). Yea. And I want to try to be *cool*....(*gasps as caress felt as I type*)......!!! I want to strive to be approachable... . No 'status' 'quo' 'bs'...... . No 'social' 'leagues' 'bs'...... . No 'icky' 'sloot' 'bs'..... . I want to be and stay....that guitar rocking, weight lifting, star gazing....., kung fu kicking ^_~, forest slinking...., aspiring space knight ninja who I have always been ^_~!!! I want to be cool ^_^!!! This is my drrreeeeeeeeeam ^_^!!!!
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