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My Crystalline Fortress / Love?!?!!?!!

Blasts of rainbow colored energy......shook me to my core through the night, and I savored every moment of it *^_^*!!! My head throbbed with cosmic rainbow energy, and my sanctum......seemed *alive*......with energy. The *REAL* Sailor Moon type energy....

When I woke this morning......, I took note of the bite marks on my tongue...... . I apparently had a seizure (!!!!!). I (!!!) was apparently overwhelmed by the raw energy load presented by my gemstones!!! Yea. That had to be it, because I even took Bacopa Monnieri (a nootropic that also a very effective treatment for seizures) before the event. So what did I do? That's right. I went to the gem mine for *MORE* ^_^!!!!!!

My herbal medicine shop has been flourishing, and I decided to make my mountain like Crystal Tokyo......rather than 'spending' 'thousands' 'for' 'another' 'lonesome' 'Tokyo' 'trip'. I headed to the mine, and had an awesome find ^ ^. I carried my Darkness Rainbow Starlight Crystal back to the sanctum. Well.....something awesome happened.

I had a little get together today ^_^... . Yea, a mini party followup to yesterday's party :P. (I hosted a big pizza party (no drugs or alcohol) yesterday). I was wearing a druid style attire :D...., and was carrying around a huge gem. Well......guess what? I suddenly noted 'Jordie' (!!!!!!) 'drive' 'up'....(*facepalms and cackles*)... . Me? I thought my research at 'subject' 'Jordie' was done..... . (Last week via text.....I said how I was done with my study. I tried to politely say they were very stupid.... . I said they were like a 'cat', a 'pet' 'cat', whilst also stating how the study was very fun while it lasted).

Jordie got out of the car *dressed* *as* *a* *pet* *cat*......(!!!!!). (*Facepalms and shakes my head*). They wore black tights, a tube top, cat gear, and kitty face paint (!!!). I about cried laughing as I noted the cosplay type / makeup art style cat nose :P.....(*shakes my head*). 'Jordie' played it sly, doing 'hot' 'chick' (????) body language / tells..... . As I was talking about my gem mine finds, I noted 'Jordie' make their move. Yes. And I saw what kind of new level of psychic ability is available to me via my new gems....... .


'Jordie' ':' ' " Long time no see ~~~ Jag ^_^ ~ " '

*Suddenly detects 'a' 'wounded' 'ego' 'and' 'a' 'touch' 'of 'anger'... .*
*Suddenly experiences (!!!) a wave of playful emotions......blasting toward my direction*
*Feels my hair stand up as an incoming wave of DELICIOUS, NOURISHING, and WARM love energy washes over me*
*Takes a step backward in a stunned manner as emotions of NAKED adoration and giddy happiness / excitement pour from whoever or whatever was standing in front of me*

Me: Ah.... . Yea. I've been with my babies ~~~.

'Jordie' ':' ' " You have babies now :(....? " '
'*Jordie goes pale and nauseous*'

*Senses naked vulnerability and heavy heavy despair*
*Feeds on the emotions*

*Has flashback to vision from II years ago.....whereby I witnessed 'Jordie'*


!!!!! Even after the get together concluded, the effect was sustained...... . My new gems kicked into overdrive, and via their amplification abilities.....both the range and the depth of my psychic abilities experienced a very vast boost. I am very confused..... . I sensed waves of *deep*...*hungry*...passion, and even (!!!!!) (!!!???!!!) *lust* (!!!???!!!)...., emitted toward my direction from afar......!!! Am I a man or a mouse? I think I am a mouse...(*blushes*). I want tuck my tail between my legs, and I want to hide.... . I do not know how this could be happening..... . How could I sense a *person* who has fallen *DEEPLY* in love with me.....*in* *here*??? I mean, whoever or whatever was in front of me.....was head over heels in love with me..... . Absolutely *SMITTEN*!!! I am going to stay voluntarily celibate. From what I can gather, I have free will. I am not 'like' 'them'. Me??? I am just stupified.... . What is going on??? Is there really a mindscape traveler (of a hyperdimensional nature) who I perceive.......whilst witnessing 'interference'? (That would explain their body.....(*blushes*), as well as the presence of actual emotions / their startling *depth* of emotions).

Whatever the case, I give thanks to the awesome beings who make my delicious adventures possible *^_^*. (*Gasps as I feel a caress to my left calf (!!!!)*).
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