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You Can't Escape Your Past / My Memory Is Returning

A violent and crazed......pedophilic sex offender....charged at me with a bat yesterday.... .

He broke off his charge last minute though..... . I was so relaxed and calm..... . I said "What is a bat supposed to mean? After everything I have been through, what is a bat? I've seen knives.... . I've seen guns... . A bat?". The drug crazed and psychotic 6'5....dude...then put down the bat........ . What did he see...that made him do that???? Some others from down the mountain, those who have pledged to my cause, ran in and formed a shield..... . They handled the issue via "law enforcement". The mountain team that knows about my emotion fueled abilities......knew the truth. Yea. My abilities were about to explode forth on a local and worldwide scale. What happened?

This happened.

I was having flashbacks as I saw this....... . It was as I was watching this, that I noted the felon.....show up; show up with triangular black skin marks around / under his eyes.

There is obviously more to the story..... . You see, on Sunday, I took my gemstones on a mission. I witnessed a Mormon church, and caused something to happen amidst a telecommunications conference...... . (I was going to avoid Mormons and their church, but noted a crying missionary virtually beg for another chance. The missionary said that church would make everything great. But what happened happened, and it is what it is). What happened? The church service was halted..... . The internet went down, and the heat shut down as well..... . Yea, and that after I warned that *exactly* that would happen after having fried my phone before church. But guess what? Even the church telecommunications conference location had to moved.....because I had fried the telecommunications systems of the *LOCAL* Mormon church the week before!!!!! Yea. I can not escape my past, and my Sailor Moon capacities are manifesting.... . 'The' 'enemy' 'knows'......... . I guess when I saw the video yesterday morning, I noted 'the' 'enemy' freak out at the speed and intensity of my awakening(s).

I had a vision Sunday.... . Faults were opening on the ocean floor, and on land. Pressurized lava was blasting from within the planet. I was comforted by that vision then, and I am comforted by it now (*feels my fingernails glowing with the light of hope*).... . It is my only option now hunh? I'd rather embrace that lava by my own hand, than put up with disgusting, hateful, and violent beasts..... . Now I understand why, as I witnessed 2007, that I had a vision of me as Sailor Moon.....stuck underneath layers upon layers of ash amidst planetary volcanic / tectonic upheaval..... . Hmmmm. I am glad for the chance to be me..... . I feel hope for the future, and I thank the people who have made that hope possible. (*Feels my left hand burning with a fiery energy*). Maybe...I can find the peace, the privacy, the solitude.........which I have always desperately needed......under tons upon tons of resolidified earth and ash.

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