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I Am "Dark Matter"... . I Am "Dark Energy".

Whatever the case, whatever the circumstance, "anime" and "cartoons" are just flawed and distorted 'caricatures' at actual life forms. Hyperdimensional life forms. Life forms based upon "dark matter" and "dark energy"...... . It makes total sense... .

I had to remind myself of the above, and just calm down. I got a bit upset after some reading.


You see, I noted uncredited plagiarism...... . My dark energy blast that washed over this world XI years ago......had to be explained by me. (Yea, explained by me as I researched my own energy whilst noting the grimiest and nastiest hood conditions). I had to explain how I witness gamma radiation trail / follow at the presence of my signature energy. Now I note 'scientists' steal at my research data, whilst denying at my existence. Where is my chance to get some actual / factual work done in a real lab (my life dream for decades) which is loaded with the appropriate research equipment??? Why do I, with chewing gum, the clothes on my back, and a handful of dreams.....always clear the path which NASA / shills / scientists sloppily and reactively follow at? Plagiarize at? Ugh..... .

I will say it now and here. Einstein was clueless. Michio Kaku is clueless. Stephen Hawking is clueless....... . The mark of a true researcher....is a bond, an affinity shared, with the very matter / energy they research..... . That is what I *strive* for. That is what I *aspire* for. I guess my views are not 'politically' 'correct'.....? Well, I have a bit of news. Politics hath no correlation whatsoever to actual correctness, no link to reality..... . 'Political' 'correctness' is why mankind has gone *absolutely* *NOWHERE* in the last 15 years. I strive for correctness, truth, and justice. The future is now, and there are awesome worlds awaiting those who seek them.

I give thanks to my supporters.....; I can live with myself.....as I witness 2015, and that is because I have been given the chance to be a part of an awesome and futuristic lifestyle. A provable lifestyle that can not be stopped by false paradigms of 'political' 'correctness'. The kind of lifestyle I *DESPERATELY* hungered for as I witnessed the 80's...!!! The person who I was...ago, can live with who I am today ^ ^.

Oh.....(*blush*). It seems that my effect on electronics.......is related to radiation. Know what this means??? I have the capacity to give proof right now.... .


With the right equipment, both my Sailor Moon silhouette *and* the silhouette of my signature energy.....will be revealed. Yea. (Maybe that is why I note 'they' do not want me anywhere *near* a lab).
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