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Mankind's Most Powerful Dude: Louis Poulakos

Louis Poulakos, teh unsung and most powerful man of mankind, has been sending those tweets.


Hmmmmm. I did some more research. Here is a snip.


"Now the people of your village are nothing to me - you know that, don't you?"

I did not like to speak out too flatly, so I said I had suspected it.

"Well, it is true that they are nothing to me. It is not possible that they should be. The difference between them and me is abysmal, immeasurable. They have no intellect."

"No intellect?"

"Nothing that resembles it. At a future time I will examine what man calls is mind and give you the details of that chaos, then you will see and understand. Men have nothing in common with me - there is no point of contact; they have foolish little feelings and foolish little vanities and impertinences and ambitions: their foolish little life is but a laugh, a sigh, and extinction; and they have no sense. Only the Moral Sense. I will show you what I mean. Here is a red spider, not so big as a pin's head. Can you imagine an elephant being interested in him - caring whether he is happy or isn't, or whether he is wealthy or poor, or whether his sweetheart returns his love or not, or whether his mother is sick or well, or whether he is looked up to in society or not, or whether his enemies will smite him or his friends desert him, or whether his hopes will suffer blight or his political ambitions fail, or whether he shall die in the bosom of his family or neglected and despised in a foreign land? These things can never be important to the elephant; they are nothing to him; he cannot shrink his sympathies to the microscopic size of them. Man is to me as the red spider is to the elephant. The elephant has nothing against the spider - he cannot get down to that remote level; I have nothing against man. The elephant is indifferent; I am indifferent. The elephant would not take the trouble to do the spider an ill turn; if he took the notion he might do him a good turn, if it came in his way and cost nothing. I have done men good service, but no ill turns.

"The elephant lives a century, the red spider a day; in power, intellect, and dignity the one creature is separated from the other by a distance which is simply astronomical. Yet in these, as in all qualities, man is immeasurably further below me than is the wee spider below the elephant.

"Man's mind clumsily and tediously and laboriously patches little trivialities together and gets a result - such as it is. My mind creates! Do you get the force of that? Creates anything it desires"



*Sigh*. Do I really note mankind create such a caricature at my identity and goals???? (*Shakes head in shock*) (*briefly felt my fingernails glowing with panic and even despair*).... . I only *just* found that I was not cursed to be another dimwitted 'Negro' 'victim' 'stuck' in the 'white' 'man's' oppressive 'society'......., and I struggle with guilt everyday. I intend to take the blessing I have been given, and take it as far as I go for the sake of *others*.

That said, I just caused a really deep series of earthquakes.


I have absorbed some gems from another dimension, and I am having an *explosive * (!!!!) surge in my overall energy levels. My actions were fueled by desperation.... . Yea. I witnessed 'God' again recently. Tuesday actually. Am I about to witness 'it' viciously devour 'it's' Christian / Mormon hordes.....to power up for a final battle? I feel pumped....... . I'm ready to do what it takes to guarantee a better world for sweet and innocent kids, sweet and innocent little monkeys *^_^*!!! Yea.... . Awesome people who are intellectually brilliant....., and so much fun ~~ like sweet little Pinkie Pie *^ ^*. Yea.... . Awesome people who are so adventurous and loving like sweet little Dawny *^ ^*. Yes.... . Monkeys. *My* monkeys *^ ^*!!!!! Maybe I could even try to be a little monkey too.....(*feels my heart race*) (*blushes*)..? Maybe I can try to be somebody's little monkey....... . Yea. That's what I want ^ ^ !!!! I give thanks to the beings who make dreams possible.
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