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The Church Of Mana / There Is No Greater A Pleasure Than A Life Of Prayer


(Yea. That is a real Ruby).

Having learned my lesson, I walked my latest mine find home on foot. I walked beyond 10 miles, and my reasoning was proven when a semi truck erupted (!!!!!) into flames at my passing wake. I could only shake my head as I heard an explosion some moments later. Know what? I do not even know if a plane could contain the energy which my soul emits now. The only way that I can keep surrounding objects from bursting into flames and / or overloading these days, is to stay within a close proximity to my gemstone array. Really, I would not have it any other way ^_^.

Me? I'm loving life ^_^. My days are spent in prayer..... . (*Blushes*). My memories have been coming back to me..... . Yea....? I am (and I don't know how) indeed from a divine plane. A holy realm.... . A multidimensional paradise of universe scale life forms. My life purpose is to guard that heavenly place, and to nurture to the people therein..... . There are real Goddesses there..... . They are not fakes . I worship the innocent and pure little monkeys therein (*feels my cheeks burn a scarlet tone*). For me, for my life purpose / deepest desires, their total health is the greatest treasure...... . I love them, and for reasons I do not understand, they love me (!!!) (*feels my heart race with hope*).

That is the life story of the real Serena / Usagi. I was never born? I have always existed.... . I am both a location and a individual...... .

My dream from here? My wish? My prayer? I want to wrap this sortie up, and continue in my efforts to be a celibate and immortal guardian.....of that awesome divine sanctuary. I really do not want change. I want to live, train, and pray....in my own crystalline cathedral castle. A cathedral and castle loaded (!!!!!!!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing in hope*) with electric guitars, pedal steel guitars, electric mandolins, electric violins, (!!!) electric harps, and *soooooooo* many instruments that I could use in my worship and prayer services *^_^*!!!!!! Hmmm? A girlfriend? (*Goes red*). Uhhhmmm.... . (*Gulps*). I think *real* relationships are healthy and wonderful...... . Hmmmm.... . (*Thinks of the pair of adorable and loving beings who have helped me....every step of my way*)..... . I will try to get my data processing levels up, and directly ask the Goddesses who have romantic (!!!!!!) feelings / yearnings (!!) toward / for me......about their dreams and hopes for the future...... . I *deeply* care about them. I care about their feelings..... . I know I would be happy in a loving relationship (*feels flutters in my stomach*), but I just do not know if it is the *right* thing for me to do... . My goal is to be the *ultimate* shield. How could I deserve love, warmth, companionship, friendship???

I give thanks to the beings who make my journey possible. I'm going to flop, and think about love and stuff some more.... .
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