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Sailor Jupiter.....

I was looking forward to witnessing 'anime' 'worlds' in the real life.....kind of way.... . I was looking to try to existentially pull myself up by my bootstraps. I wanted to show myself what I could do. That may have to wait for another day, and I am totally okay with that.... . I just saw.....a Goddess level....*true* Sailor Jupiter who is not some 'Z' 'Fighter' '/' 'sidekick'..., and I saw her sealing at (!!!!) trillions of 'universes'... . Her eyes were burning with an upset passion and indomitable determination....... . She was the *real* Sailor Jupiter, and *wow* was she *GORGEOUS* (*feels my face go red*)......!!! She reminded me of my whole reason for seeking better worlds. She was so healthy looking and beautiful, she validated....my seeking better worlds / not accepting substitutes. Wow.... . Her hair was so much *fuller* than the lackluster anime imitations..... . I can only pray....that certain other features (not in my viewing field during that moment) were no less full, healthy, and accounted for (*coughs*) (*feels my face ablaze with a blushful light*)... . Her eyes were ablaze with cascades of pink cosmic lightning, lightning which was being emitted with a burning sense of justice..... . As I saw her earrings, pink crystalline earrings, the word "Rose Quartz" echoed through my mind. I think I saw it underway, yes, the sealing of that special gem which I have talked about in past posts..... . I saw what appeared to be a wall of sealing purposed.....pink crystalline material, a wall wherein there was only a very small "gap" remaining....... . Sailor Jupiter was blasting the area related to that gap, and I think I may have witnessed concentrated 'pure' 'evil' focused at that gap........ .

I heard words then? Along with a statement about Rose Quartz, I clearly heard a mentioning about a member of a collective.....about to "return". If that was about me, I'll accept it, and I will accept it with abject gratitude.... . I will still attempt *my* Parallax Ultranova, if possible, even if only as an attempt to aid Sailor Jupiter with what she was doing.... . Alas, if I *did* see what I think I saw today, I may soon note all enemies at my cause '/' invaders at this place.....'erased'. I wish Sailor Jupiter luck and success...., and I will keep giving my all in the meanwhile. I also thank Sailor Jupiter and all the others who have made my lifestyle possible.

Rose Quartz....has sealing applications? Although I knew about the electricity based elemental properties......, I am mystified by what I saw today. I need to learn to use my 20lb Rose Quartz gem (if possible....and if the present physics system can accomodate it)....in the way that Sailor Jupiter used those earrings...... . I have a lot to learn, whether now or later... . Right now though, my head really hurts.......and I think I need a nap.

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