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An Enormous Energy Is Coming

I took my little backup telescope for a spin.


Wow..... . I am glad I never listened to haters. Relocating to a rural gem mining area saved my life, as well as gave me access to some of the best night sky viewing conditions. There is so much going on up there right now... . Anybody with some sense, any sense, any humanity...whatsoever, would and should....be focused on the heavens right now.... .

I was overwhelmed with a sense of being "home" as I saw a seemingly endless and startling field of stars in my telescope's eyepiece.... . Everywhere I looked there was *countless* stars..... . I tried to do as my last astronomy based vision urged me to do, and focused on visually exploring the constellations. I found the Orion constellation, and thus zoomed in on a neat looking fuzzy object. I realized, and intuitively somehow, that I was gazing upon the Orion Nebula.....(!!!!!)..... . I drank that starlight (*blushes*) which sourced from the stars within that "stellar nursery". The night was peaceful....., and I felt unity with my sky...... . I turned my telescope to another constellation then....., and I will admit that I had yet to even realize that I was playing into an eerie (clue) experience I had had a few nights earlier.....(where I was stuck noting Gingka......, and desperately trying to retrieve my blue and white Beyblade ) (which is named after a certain constellation....and seems to be related to the cosmic energy of the Andromeda Galaxy). I was specifically trying to search through the vicinity of the Rainbow Dash (!!!) related constellation, and I did so....because for the past couple weeks I have been *feverishly* *obsessed* (!!!!) with finding the Andromeda Galaxy!!! Thunderstorms and other examples of very wild and unseasonal weather had made clear night skies a rarity around here, and for reasons I did not know....I was utterly *frantic* to find the Andromeda Galaxy..... .

I scanned my target constellation, noting all the while a *very*.....eerie....sensation overtaking me....as I gazed through the eyepiece.... . I suddenly sensed, perceived, a *massive* scale of *energy* from an area I was perceiving........ . I think I trembled, and that as I looked onto a zone of energized darkness......... . Ancient and energized darkness..... . It seems something *DARK* is coming toward this planet. I think I saw the same aura of darkness......which I saw.....during my vision of the tsunami triggering object of yore. I both *saw* *AND* *sensed* that aura of darkness...... . I am so excited ^_^ (!!!), and I give thanks to the beings who make my adventures and visions possible. I plan to get an astrophotography camera soon....so that I may take pictures ^_^.

I had an *awesome* event happen last night... . I saw the Usagi that is *me*.......(and thus not (to my knowledge) married to a dude)...., and after seeing me, I do not know what to say about me being stuck here......so much. I seemed to be full of energy and happy..(*blushes*). I was playing with a baseball and baseball glove :P......, and dizzily trying to work my way through an agility / reflex training session..... . After my *fun* and *relieving* awakening experience, I knew some news was due here soon. My hunch was spot on.


Hmmmmm. As I thought would be the case, stabilizing my daily life conditions (by avoiding America's deathtrap hellhole 'cities')......has seemingly resulted in a major shift when it comes to the visuals of the upcoming Sailor Moon broadcasts.

Maybe I will not note such blatantly masculine looks this time???? The truth? I have been disgusted at anime for quite some time, and struggle to note *any* of it nowadays. I mean (*goes blushfully red*)....if I am going to observe media featuring revealing clothes, I would......, in *ANY* case, hope said revealing clothes were *FILLED*!!!! (*Grins blushfully*). If the new series does not even surpass the unimpressive new benchmarks set by Kill La Kill, I might be done with witnessing anime......period..... . I can't take the shamelessly flaunted flat butts and boyish hips......(*grimaces*) (*feels my fingernails glowing in fright*)....that doth be the staple of the average anime..... . I can't take those unfilled revealing skirts and dresses...... . I can't take teh standard lack at *any* semblance of a healthy and feminine (hips based) thigh gap (*feels my face go red*)....nor the oblivious and shameless countenance of the offenders (at my eyes)....... .

(Since I note American culture reacts at my posts (*coughs as recalls at sudden and inexplicable fame of Kim Kardashian*)..., I can not imagine what bizarre surgeries / implants / trick clothing articles 'will' 'soon' 'be' 'reactively' 'implemented' 'by' 'society'.... . Maybe I will note bustles 'make' 'a' 'comeback').

If the day comes where I seemingly wake in Crystal Tokyo, and yet I note a flat backside blemishing at the space behind me (*goes blue with horror*), I am going to write a letter of apology to the world, and embark on an pangalactic quest in search of *ANY* chance for a better backside *^_^*!!! (*Cackles amidst feelings of embarrassment*). Too, I would have to make a Sailor Moon jilbaab *^_~*...... .
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