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Gemstone Training Evaluation

I think I am about to throw up? That means my latest gem has a kick to it :P..... . It seems to respond to Moldavite......in an eerie manner... . I am holding both it....and Moldavite as I type this. How is my gem training going? I am hopeful ^_^.

I do not follow nor believe in that relentlessly parroted and unoriginal 'New' 'Age' 'stuff'..... . I do not believe disinfo about 'chakra' 'colors'...... . Standard stock American housewives / weekend warrior fake psychics....can not possibly have a clue about gemstones...... . You are using gems the right way....when you can levitate, emit energy blasts, and defend yourself with kinetically charged barriers....*solely* using the energy (mana) contained within them. To be able to utilize gemstones correctly, you need to be able to perceive dark matter and dark energy. (And when you do that, you will be perceiving (!!!!) dark matter based beings such as the Sailor Scouts....by default.......). When I go to the gem mine, I am basically visiting a defensive armament depot.

So far, and with my Yggdrasil Elixir taken in advance, I can shut down the electronics within a certain globular area..... . There is also a bit of an exorcism field effect...which accompanies the aforementioned effects on electronics..... . I admittedly....have a long way to go...... . I certainly have a long way to go if a large piece of Moldavite makes me nauseous, feverish, and woozy with migraines (during the initial integration phase).... . This much is for sure. Gemstones, even in the partially activated state, provide a much needed buffer / barrier at the caustic forces of entropy.... . As an empath and telepath, I swear by the capacity of gemstones....to protect you from the caustic anger, depression, nihilism, hatred, and apathy.....that is exuded by 'them'..... .

I give thanks to the beings who have made my gem mining and gem finding adventures possible..... . I will keep trying to be focused and diligent about my training.
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