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The Silver Moon Moldavite Choker

I have never 'dropped' 'acid'. I have never 'smoked' 'weed'. I have never had Psilocybe mushrooms..... . I have never even had a beer... . That said, why did my new.....Silver Moon Moldavite Choker.......

have me seeing *WORDS* (!!?!!!) whenever I just closed my eyes???? I was seeing words, letters, and...gosh...even *PLACES*!!!! Is it the Sterling Silver and Moldavite combination??? Hmmm. I saw green (!?!?!!!?) pulsing patterns and waves....in my field of vision.... . I was woozy....., but I felt *so* *peaceful*....... . The atmosphere in my lair had a cosmic prayer candlelight sanctuary (??!?!!!!) type vibe going on.. . This was just a heads up. I'll write the details of the event in my private offline journal *^_~*.

(I hope I have unexpectedly stumbled upon a means to see some *really* beautiful looking girls *regularly*(*blushes*)..... . Anime is not a viable substitute. No substitutes....are viable.......).
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