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The Silver Moon Moldavite Talisman


Hmmm. Awesome ^_^. The effects referenced in the prior post have persisted. Even when I am in pitch black darkness, green energy waves and pulsations (from The Silver Moon Moldavite Talisman) cover my visual field..... .

Yea.... . I am back to report something really startling.... . Overnight (having worn the SMMT as I slept)...I suddenly had totally new senses.... (!!!). I was practicing on my guitar yesterday.....when I noticed, even "saw" so to speak (????!???), circular...bursts coming from the point of contact of my fingers and the strings...... . I could "see", and even "sense"...*sound* *waves* remotely (!!!!).....on account of some kind of (???) field...around me..... .

I think I know what is going on.... . There is a large amount of dark energy "sealed" within Moldavite. It also seems like Silver is an excellent receiver and transmitter for dark energy... . My senses are being augmented..... . I think I get it now??? I think I am coming to understand the true purpose of jewe!ry..... . I was *deeply* embarrassed (*feels my face turning red*) many years ago.... . I was utterly sickened with embarrassment.... . I did not know what to do about the whole Sailor Moon issue. Maybe that is why I had yet to even consider wearing jewelry in my time here on this planet. I wanted to be pragmatic. I wanted to be a realist..... . However, I see now that jewelry was all about pragmatism all along...... . Hardcore pragmatism..... . Jewelry is not about some oxymoronic "feeling" "pretty" nonsense..... . It is a means to shape the world, and even the cosmos, to your will (*grins thoughtfully*)......., your dreams........ . I give thanks to the beings who have made this revelation possible. I need to find or make some Gold and Ruby jewelry...... . It also seems like I need to find certain...real and already constructed magical jewelry artifacts that are located somewhere in this zone....... . I'm ready to try to get to work (*feels my cheeks burning red*).

Tags: dark energy, jewelry, moldavite
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