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Fluttershy And Tifa??????? / Fluttershy's Gravity Wave / Tifa's Gravity Wave

What a week....... . Fried wall sockets. A fried radiator with a melted plug. Burn...marks on my cabin wall..... . The smell of an electrical fire...in my bedroom. A snapped water main. Fried cars....... . I note 'freak' status inferred at me now....since my abilities have been made known locally.... .

I haven't dared mention my true identity to 'outsiders' though.

An *incredible* miracle happened to me last week..... . I *DID* *IT*.....!!! I know how to win now....... . What happened????

You know how I have written about a theorized Infiniversal Routing Gem??? Well, I do not know if that which I perceived was bound to a gem, but I located (!!!) the Infiniversal Nexus of routed / condensed space fabric....which I have *theorized* (!!!!!) about!!!!

Last Monday (!!????!!!) of last week, after witnessing a horrible fight which involved Jedah, I was lying in bed during...the morning... . (*Goes totally red*).... . I felt (*gulps*)....the sudden perception of a *limitless* (!!!!) energy within me.......(!!!). The gravity constant in the entire area shifted (hence the snapped water main deep underground)...... . The very air in my house became electrified.....as I perceived a certain organ location (*goes totally red*), a (vital clue here ----->) closed system......, just brimming.....with the most *peaceful* and *energized* (!!!!!) energy I have ever *felt*.....!!! It was like I was perceiving a *SUPERMASSIVE (!!!!) galaxy*... of an ancient and multiversal origin that was *contained* (!!!!) within my body......, contained (*goes red*) within a certain organ....of my body....(*goes pale*). Either that, or I was perceiving (!!!) a supermassive structure that resembled a galaxy, whilst yet every (!!!!!!!!) individual point of light...*was* a galaxy (!!!!)!!!!!!! I was confused.... . How was my body *containing* such pressure???????? My notes and theories, written years in advance, were being proven.......though. I knew this following bit too....... . If just a bit of the pressure contained within (!!!) my body (*goes red*) were to be released, here, this whole planet...., this whole solar system, maybe this whole galaxy, would be squished thinner than a sheet of paper...... . I suddenly got spooked...(*feels my fingernails glowing with shock*) though...... . 'Sealed' at the interior border of the *SUPERMASSIVE* structure.....'was' 'the' '*WORST*, 'the' '*NASTIEST*', 'the' 'most' '*DISEASED*' 'force'....I have ever witnessed!!!!! The ancient and supermassive structure, which *brimmed* with absolute love, absolute vigor, absolute vitality, was not changed by 'the' 'void' 'which' 'was' 'at' the structure's borders (borders of routed, not 'torn', time and space)... . As the event ebbed, I flew (figuratively speaking) into documenting the vast breadth of data....gleaned from the experience.... .

Within the next pair of days....., and whilst still analyzing the data from the last event, I felt a tugging sensation, and dropped on the spot..over here... . When I opened my eyes...., I was confused...., stumbling..., and (*goes absolutely red*) wondering why some sticker or mark like.....thing....was on my um....(*gawks blushingly*) (*gulps*)......upper leg...... . I was wearing (*facepalms*)....(*blushes as kiss (!!!) suddenly felt as I type*).....an attire which confused me too........, so much so, that only later did I notice that my *skin* seemed to be *yellow*.......... . I felt woozy..., and I think I tried to support myself with a wall...... . When I next opened my eyes, I was flat on my back in a dojo, shrine, or castle like place which featured Japanese style architecture..... . It was a dark place which featured an eerie arrangement of gold coins and various huge gemstones.... . .

I was semi paralyzed...and *instantly* aware of the fact that..what I was experiencing the progression of the event...from a couple days before, and a progression of the event..which happened here during my Japan..trip...many years ago.. .

The area which corresponds, level wise, to where the hair bang tip....reaches in the above photograph........, was containing and manipulating.....that which I can only (!!!) refer to as a cosmic storm (!!?!!!!!?!!!) . Looking down (*blush*) I saw my brown hair bang, and the signature clothing (*blush*) that I recognized as that of Tifa Lockhart. Infinite energy.....from what I contained..., flowed down my lower body, causing my legs and then...toes, to spasm.... . Classic seizure activity was observed......, but I was conscious, conscious in that place which is *THE* *REAL* *WORLD*..... . I was convulsing, spasming, with pulses (!!!!!!!!!) of an utterly enormous energy..... . Something happened though.... . I was *SO* glad....for the chance to be *ME* again, that I got *hyped*....!!! I was also hyped because my shame was eased (*blushes*)...., eased because my gender defining physiological and anatomical (*coughs blushingly*) capacities were not defined by nor related to icky reproduction stuff (*feels my fingernails glowing with relief, hope, and excitement*) and nasty stuff done with dudes.... . That's when I felt (!!!!) the infinite multiversal energy...perceived a few days prior.........suddenly being *wielded* (!!!) and *controlled* consciously by me, causing the wild....spasms and convulsions...to ease.... . An *intense* gravity wave (!?!!??!!!!?!!!) suddenly imploded toward my direction and inward, perhaps even causing a wall in that shrine location to collapse or fall..... . A being who looked like Jessie (!!?!!!?!!?!!) Rocket suddenly (????!???) came up, and placed more Gold and crystal items around my feet (as if absorb my wild energy surges, and keep me from blowing up the setting). Looking into my eyes as she kneeled (!!!!), she gave me a nod of respect (!!!), acknowledgement (!!!), and did so in a congratulatory manner (????)...... . I was utterly puzzled, asking myself what reason could she possibly have to respect me, asking myself what could I have done...for her to look upon me...with such pride in me...(*blinks in a puzzled manner*).... . Within moments, I heard *cheering* (!!!!!) about the location (????)...... . I'm certain that I heard Dawn's voice...(!!!) amongst the cheering voices......(*suddenly perceices blue eyes in my field of vision after saying Dawn's name aloud*).

Writing the above paragraph.., I had a revelation..., and shifted the post title accordingly. I think that an *ENORMOUS* gravity wave pulse blast...has possibly been set into motion..., a blast that will even restructure everything about this place here...... . I sure hope so.... . I am ready to have some fun ^_^!!!! I want to party ^_^!!! I want to have a *real*.....party with fruit snacks, ice cream, pizzas, and soda ^_^!!! I am ready to play some rock in a world where the people are cool, charismatic, adventurous, noble of heart, wholesome of soul, and inherently loving (and lovable)!!! I'm *pumped* ^_^!!!! I give thanks to the beings who make miracles possible. I give thanks to the beings who have made my recovery and my progress possible. Even if a blast is on the way, I'm *still* going to try to repeat the Tifa / Fluttershy involving process..., striving for more and more control, so I can get an instant "Big Crunch" effect going on. Yea. I note 'the' 'enemy' 'did' 'the' 'worst' 'possible''move'........ . When I am scared, and my feelings are hurt, my abilities flare into an activated state in an act of self preservation.

Hmmm. Me sleepy. I gonna go watch my new favorite show now ^_^.

Tags: anatomy, astronomy, astrophysics, physiology
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