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Further Analysis Of The Last Post

"Galaxy clusters are collections of galaxies that formed once stars and individual galaxies had been built. Gravity binds hundreds of thousands of galaxies together in collections so large, they can distort the fabric of space-time."





In my last post...I said these words:

"or I was perceiving (!!!) a supermassive structure that resembled a galaxy, whilst yet every (!!!!!!!!) individual point of light...*was* a galaxy (!!!!)!!!!!!!"

I have to, given the *energy* *scale* I perceived, go with this explanation.... . Each point of light that I perceived during last week's event was like a supermassive galaxy......, and there was an amount of them beyond 'the' 'numerical' 'measurement' 'of' 'tens' 'of' 'trillions'..... . If the above is an actual photo, what I perceived was far...far larger in relative mass........ . Hmmmm.... . I'm kinda in agony right now.... . I'm in agony because I want to perceive myself as the *true* me.......as soon as possible....:P . That was fun ^_^.... . Fluttershy and Tifa hunh???? (*Blushes*). I'm going to have a lot of fun sneaking around..in that form *^_^*!!! I want to train in an attempt to be an ultimate ninja (!!!), and sneak into pizza and donut shops and stuff ^_^!!!!! (*Gasps as a kiss sensation (!?!!?!) is felt to my lips*)..... .

Oh.... . I mined XXI Sapphires and Rubies to the gem mine.....the other day :P! I also managed to find another massive Rose Quartz unit. The electromagnetic fire manifestations in my bedroom have thus eased drastically. Hmmm. I think I am going go eat this entire pot of slow cooked veggie and rice mealtime medley..... . Me am really hungry *^_^*!!!!

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