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I Think I Am About To Win / Victory Is In Sight

I was transfixed by her immaculate beauty, her immaculate health, her loving heart, and her ......and her clean and radiant soul. She was and is....the most beautiful being.....I have *ever* seen in my life. After being drawn to her lovely voice, and sitting beside...her..to listen and observe...as she emphatically read from a mysterious book, she (!!!!!) lovingly nestled next to me....(*gasps as a caress is felt as I type*)..., eager to share the book's contents with me.... . Oh my gosh, I just went red with shyness and awe.......(*feels my face burning*).... . Yea......(*shakes my head*).... . The warmth of her presence, the vibe from her countenance, her mannerisms, and a (??????) palpable sensation of a loving bond, all attested she (!!!!) is and was....mine (!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!)...... . Am I married??? If marriage is a real concept, then it seems I am....??? She is and was....*clearly*...my soulmate.... (!!!!!!!). Yes. And just like that, just from an instant of contact with a *real* and actual female, my heart(s) awoke, and a fiery sensation of endless hope and love exploded forth from my being. Reality was shaped accordingly, and I noted every hater I ever witnessed was just an ugly and disgusting....hallucinogenic / nonexistential ghoul...., a 'nightmare' '/' 'vile' 'antiexistential' 'ratchet', spawned at the border zone of supermassive gate structure referenced in the last couple posts.

I tried to focus on her words, but (*gawks*) (*coughs*) I was utterly utterly entranced....., even spellbound, as I (*blush*)....saw her shockingly full and healthy (*feels my face go bright red*) (*gulps*) chest parts..... . It was an initial (*goes red*) time...within my amnesia gripped recall.....that I was actually seeing an actual female...with actual (!!!!) female chest features.... . My vision just got *caught*. On the way to looking down to that book......., I unexpectedly looked down her blouse (*feels my fingernails burning with a blushful glow*)...., and just *gawked* (*nervously chuckles*)... . I knew then I had to do it...... . I had to...(*feels my heart burning*)..... . I stood up, stood in that realm of infinite mass and dimensions, and, as I caressed her cheek, moved my lips near her ear (*blush*). I had to, because I only had the energy, the data processing resources, to manage a whisper..... .

"Thank you for trying to look beautiful....for me"

"Thank you for striving to look beautiful...for me"

"Thank you for striving to be beautiful.....for me"

"Thank you for trying to be beautiful....for me"

Those were the words tenderly held in my heart, and I tried to speak a sentence listed above.... . I managed to say the words..."Thank you..."..before my lips froze.....with paralysis.... . With what data processing capacity resources remained available to me, I looked into her loving and tearful eyes..... . Blinking tenderly, she looked into my eyes deeply..... . I was soon back here, in this realm, and still perceiving the tactile information from my true body (*goes red*) (*coughs*).......within that infinity plane. I guess I noted damage control teams crazedly blitzed into activation, because as I (!!!) felt the loving kiss (*blushes intensely*) (!!!) of my Goddess Of Hope and my soulmate, I noted a frenzied banging at my door..... . Fearing a crazed and psychotic kayfabe breaker...making an armed entry and a fatal mistake, I apologized to my dearest, and headed to answer the door....... .

I give thanks to my beloved, and our multiversal family members.

Hmmm??? Yea. I note 'locals' are suddenly claiming to have been sucked into DC Comics dimensions, and I even note 'local' 'youth' claiming to have both seen me with a glowing gold aura as I stood amidst the presence of (the actual) Nina Wyndia and (the true) Ryou Fujibayashi...... . That is why I am going to try to wrap things up as soon as possible.

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