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I Think I'm Done

I think I may be just about done here (with my state of passively observing)..... . If my tablet wallpaper looks like this....

...., then why do I note the supposedly new season of 'Sailor Moon Crystal'......*STILL* features a cast that looks like a bunch of post op transsexuals?????

Why am I noting man chins???? Why am I noting '12 yr old boy' 'bodies'???? Why am I noting an unsightly man crotch when I witness 'Michiru' exiting the pool????

I even note a glaring kayfabe / 4th (or 5th) wall 'straining'....'news' 'statement':

"How did Crystal get it so wrong? Well, there’s a whole hilarious Tumblr devoted to that. Mostly, it boils down to wonky, low-budget animation"


(*Sighs*). I guess it is the same reason I have yet to find a starship in this realm....., a place actually fit for working, and by that I mean a place free from the vengeful hordes of ghetto thugs and insecure / neurotic / 'passive-aggressive' Caucasian saboteurs.... .

Alright, it's realtalk time.... . Since I just may note 'homelessness', *again*, by the summer (all on account of my latest couple internet posts and victory being in sight)....., I need to speak on some stuff real quick..... . I'm going to drop that word..... .

Uh oh. Yea. It is what it is... . Looks....DETERMINE *EVERYTHING* ABOUT A *PERSON*, *PLACE*, OR *THING*!!!! I come from a multiverse where there is no men, no males, period (!!!!).... . As such there is no war there, no strife there, and only radiant and shining peace..... . Although I am still confused, and do not know how *I* could possibly *not* be male, I'll still make it a mission to *try* to be whoever I must be...to protect and nurture the inhabitants within that sacred multiversal place.......from which I apparently hail. Man jaws indicate a man's mind, and that means social class strife and violence based social hierarchies... . A man's butt indicates a total lack at the capacity to contain and emit...galactic scale concentrations of elemental energy...... . A man's hips indicate a lack at the fundamentally crucial capacity...of a life form to generate their own space and time lattice / matrix (and thus *not* be 'homeless'). I'm not trying to be mean here, I'm not trying to validate Chateau Heartiste's inferred 'half-truths'... .


I am trying to say this... . Anime is flawed, contaminated with viral masculinity, contaminated with false information from a false multiverse...... . And it truly seems now..that I discern....masculinity...is the root of all evil. Masculinity is a virus, a virus at the fabric of space and time. Masculinity is a disease, and any masculinity is total masculinity.......(*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*) (*gasps as a supportive and affirming caress is felt*) (*perceives the eyes of my beloved..in my field of vision*). There is no compromise.... .

So where am I now??? I think I truly am stuck in a dream world here, but due to a certain supermassive structure and / or artifact..being integrated into my nervous system, I am witnessing hallucinations, hallucinations encroaching at my sensory capacities.... . Yea. I can not rely on anime to help me, or even guide me in any regard. Be it Tifa, Fluttershy, Felicia, Cammy, Peach, Usagi, Kiyone, Kagome, Gadget, or *whoever*...I wake up as during my next coma awakening event, I am going to keep going for my concluding move. And since I clearly note war..imposed at me in the now and here, I'll just try to train my bodily pyrokinetic and electromagnetic generation capacities, as well as even my athletic capacities, to continent shaking proportions..... . I'm not going to be some kayfabe homeless bum in the city, dealing with passive aggressive 'whites'.....and their false charity.....and the like.... . If I note a funds cut, and thus note theft / 'an' 'auction' at my music studio storage contents as well as my personal research notes (in Raleigh, NC), I'll take my survival buckets deep in the wilderness.... . So deep, there are no paved roads for a 12 mile radius.... . Yes, and there I shall go unto a state of being a living storm upon this whole world........ . Maybe I need to be triggered.....??? Heh. (*Blushes*). Emotions......... . Am I emotional??? (*Grins*). (*Feels my toenails glowing with a star-like glow...that feels like the expression of a self-conscious and worried...grin*).

I give thanks to the beings who have made my progress possible. Hmmmmmm.... . I want some pizza ^_^! After I get a Jasper gemstone from town tomorrow, I'm going to going to party with gems and pizza ^_^!
Tags: multiversal truths, realtalk, the true reason hips don't lie
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