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Quake Time

Looks like the effects of the gravity wave from last month's events might be trickling through...... . That, and / or my plummeting mood state...... .

I think I am done... . I'm ready for total tectonic upheaval... . Why Japan??? It's because I should be right there, *now*, making Chrono Trigger and Rainbow Road inspired electric guitar videos....!!!!!!! Arrrggh!!!!!! I'm so embarrassed and upset at the ineffective 'containment' 'attempts' blitzed at me. I have the proof... . I have the electric guitars / studio gear. I can wield magic real-time now. I even fried yet another church amidst witnessing 'Easter' 'Sunday'... . Hmph. I did not note '10,000$' when I tried to propose a peaceful plan for this world,


so I will note billions in damages......... . How does it feel? It feels great, and I give thanks to the loving and good people who grant me the energy and support...necessary to shake this planet...... . The more upset I get, the more these quakes will happen..... . It's exciting really....... .

Yea. I just don't get it.... . Why do the enemy forces not even attempt to distract me with a fake psychic agency job and a bevy of the 'hottest' fake psychics........, and that with a distracting location like Beijing or Paris or something???? Well, I'm not complaining...... . In any case I can do something about my situation, and I am *thankful* for that.

I will put a donation button on here for whenever consecutive earthquakes beyond the 9.0 mark take place.... . It's to ease my guilt.... . If I am not in Japan soon, this planet is done.

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