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Sapphires..Sapphires..Sapphires ^_^!!!

After I get my morning mini teaspoon of Rhodiola Rosea....


......I'm gonna head on down to the gem mine ^_^! I've had a bonanza event when it comes fo Sapphires!!!




I've hand mined about XXIV of the Sapphires / Ruby / Corundum specimens in the above photos...... . Why Sapphires??? They provide a signature that is like heavy metal and cosmic crystalline energies combined.... . They operate on a fundamental principle like that of the Macross energy conversion armor, thus making *ME* (!!!!!!!!) operate on a fundamental principle like that of the Macross energy conversion armor.... . Finding Sapphires is very fun ^_^. I can smell and sense them, so I know where to dig.... .

Yea... . I need to recharge in the creek......so I can keep up my current pace. I had an event yesterday evening where I triggered a gravity wave so intense....that I felt this world go fluid. Yes. And moments ago....I woke up in a shrine (!!!!) being cuddled and rocked (!!!) like a baby...in the lap of a mysterious lady (*blushes*).... . Yea. A lady whom I utterly thank (*goes totally red*). I feel quite calm...now (*coughs*) (*keeps on blushing*). Today's goals include recharging my mana levels, finding as much Quartz as I can (to surround my house with), finding as many Topaz / Ruby / Corundum specimens as possible, and enjoying a good time of prayer and relaxation in the rejuvenating mountain waters.

Oh. Yesterday???


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