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Neon Blue Lightning Sapphire

It figuratively jumped into my field of vision!!! It's color differentiates it from the other Corundum gemstones in my hand!!! A Neon Electric Blue Sapphire!!!!!!!

Let's take a closer look upon me mining booty ^_^!!!

Into the Yggdrasil Array it goes, and right next to the Moldavite and Phenakite.

Now I have to figure where to place all these little Rubies...... .


My psychic abilities were in overdrive today....... . The initial spot I dug into was *LOADED* with Rubies. I found a *pocket* (!!!) of gemstones with my mana sensing abilities!!!!! I got spooked though when I noted an ATV with a burly teen and another dude...pull up. I assessed the situation, and tried to "shoot the breeze". Freshly mined Rubies shined and glistened all about me, so I pondered if I would have to blast at some fools attempting to take what is mine... . I soon noted the ATV duo go (thankfully), but my warning senses went into overdrive. I grabbed my mining screen, shoveled a couple more loads into it, and then made sure to wash the contents thoroughly. I knew what I had to do.... . I *RAN*!!!!! (*Laughs*)..... . From around the bend, I suddenly heard the noise of the returning ATV....... . I heard an exasperated shout of "Where'd he go !??!?"....., and laughed to myself, so thankful for the chance to have psychic abilities and feral instincts / intuition..... . I give thanks to the beings who have made today's adventures possible. I give thanks for the chance to find these gems ^_^!!!!!!!! The load I got before I ran, was the load that had the Sapphire.... .

I'm really woozy after handling these gems. Dizzy really. That's how I know the gemstones are working ^_~.... . I'm being sucked into another dimension as I type... . Oh...woa.. . I hope I am about to see some beautiful, lovely, thick and yet sleek......, *utterly* *gorgeous* females (*grins*). Females who can actually make dresses and skirts...look *good* (*blushes totally red*) (*cackles*) ^_^!!!! *Devastatingly* beautiful females ^_^!!! That's what I need ^_^!!!!
Tags: gemstones, rubies, sapphires
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