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Mega Mega Sapphire Motherlode

Wahahahaha *^_^* ~~!!!!!!! Oh yeeeeeaaaaa~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue!!!! Red!!!! Purple!!! Black!!!! Brown!!!!! Yellow!!!!! White!!!!!!!

Yes, and a whole lotta Gold!!!!!


I found a *pocket* of Sapphires that could technically have me in Japan by the *weekend*!!!!!!!!! Oh wow!!!!!! I had my mining bucket tested today, and I almost *FAINTED*!!!! I did not know that basically *every* big / huge specimen I had was a Sapphire!!! I did not know that Sapphires came in many other colors (*dips head shyly*)...... . Oh wow. I give thanks to the beings who make my lifestyle possible... . I give thanks to the beings who have me able to *feel* where gemstones are underground. Oh...I pray in thanks.

*NOW* I know why so much world-shakingly dense energy has been within my reach lately........ . I'm mind-blown..... . Omg.... . Omg.... . Omg..... .

These gemstones are translucent, and I've noted 6,000$ pricetags at opaque gemstones way smaller than what I am now up to my elbows in...... . Oh wow.. .

I hereby christen this VI sided translucent Brown Sapphire as Heavy Elemental Mana Mega Earth Sapphire Maganax *^_^* :P. The energy within this gemstone can split continents!!!

Tags: earth sapphires, magic sapphires, sapphires
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