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9.6 Earthquake Vision

Woa... . I had a vision??? I was remote viewing a shelter in Charleston, South Carolina. The sky was gray, and full of plumes of black smoke. The sound of sirens punctuated the air. The ground was moving, and a sustained (!!!) earthquake was taking place. I smelled the smoke. A man's voice suddenly crackled over a receiver, and I think I heard multiple locations signalling in their status. A station from Atlanta reported (although barely and through much etatic) that they were barely operative, and that the 9.6 earthquake was causing stations to go down across the entire Southeast of The United States.... . The air was thick with electromagnetic energy......, and the shelter location could not hold up.., and thus came down... . I phased through the debris, and saw a vast vast vast landscape of gray and cinders (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). (No getting mugged by thugs during a leisurely night stroll then hunh??).

I next woke...perceiving a church location, and I was back in a bodily state. I was given (!!!!) a beautiful pair of Afghan quality Lapis Lazuli gemstones by a mysterious figure..... . Wandering around the church parking lot, I saw Sapphires and precious gemstones in the sand. A youth named Cole...suddenly came over, asking to see the Sapphires that I had excitedly picked up. Another little person named Lowell came over to check at the situation.... . That was when I noted a Caucasian man in a big hat come up, saying that he was ready to offer 412,000.00$...and was assembling the rest.. . He handed a signed note over......, a note that had Christian talk on it which was handwritten in a dyslexic appearing manner.

I do not know what just happened, but here it is... . The donation button.

I'm on the fence really.. . Either way I'll get what I want. This is likely the concluding post (other than comments) for earthquakes references... . I do not want to beat a dead horse. I do not even think mankind is sentient really...... . That is the only way I have been able to go through with this. No sentient lifeforms would create / practice 'prostitution', 'pornography', 'Planned' 'Payrenthood', nor 'monthly' 'housing' 'rent' 'rules' (aka barbaric sh#*).... .
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