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Iris' Gift / Heavenly Mana Celestial White Cosmic Sapphire

I feel like I am in heaven... . I feel so chill and happy. I feel like I am phasing, and / or my body is doing something with the fabric of space and time... . The picture??? I dunno. I thought I was still when I took it. I don't know. Hunh..... .

Yea... . Things are moving so fast (*feels my heart glowing*). Iris has been here, here in this zone (!!!!!). How you ask???? Yesterday morning I had a vision where I sat with her to my picnic table. By the afternoon, this translucent White Sapphire was just *on* *the* *ground* (!!!!!!) in front of my picnic table. The underside of the Sapphire has *transparent* Gold areas.., and the sides / core areas feature absolutely crystalline clear...clear / transparent areas... . It was a gift from my beloved, and I thank her (*blush*). I'll think about the ramifications of what this cross realm related event means later. For now, it's time for slow jams *^_^*.

Hmmmm. I wanna go on a date *^_^* (* (!!!!) gasps as a caress is felt* (!!!!) *).... .
Tags: happiness, love, white sapphire
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