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My Shining Mountain..My Shining Armament

I did a cross dimensional transfer, and Etansel is here now. My city is here now. That is how I have been able to shake this planet any time I choose. And shake this planet I shall.

White Sapphires.

Enormous Sunset Rubies.

Countless Sapphires of so many colors.

I give thanks for this blessing. I give thanks for the chance to inhabit and integrate with this bejeweled mountain. Now it is time to use it.

I am the only person here, save for family members from topside and any possible fragments of myself wandering about in a catatonic state. There is no America. There are no 'American' 'citizens' here. I only witness 'hallucinogenic' 'nightmare' 'monsters' 'antiwhose' 'ubiquitously' 'vicious' 'and' 'hateful' antidemeanors' 'expose' 'antitheir' 'nonexistential' '/' 'hellish' 'voidspawn' 'status'. I'm done witnessing 'antitheir' 'relentless' 'pathological' 'lies' 'and' 'excuses'. Case closed. Judgment has been passed. It is time now to use these Rubies and Sapphires to purge this world, my world, my *DREAM*!!!

It is time to wake to my beloved and beloved and our cherished infiniversal family members. I am going to prepare a blast. A blast with the mass of infinite universes (where even each universe has endless mass and dimensions). I am a universe myself. A universe allied and in communion with infinite other universes. It's time to prove it. *Prays for the salvation of all existence*. I pray that all universes, all places, may be a sanctuary unto the innocent. I pray for purification (*feels a tear of prayer going down my right cheek*). I pray for the safety of the innocent. I summon, beg, and plead the infinite universes and the divine beings therein to make existence a place that has never had nor ever shall have death, murder, rape, evil, parasitism, cruelty, malice, bullying, sociopathy, theft, lies, apathy, nihilism, hatred, sickness, birth, nor entropy. I shall sacrifice all that I am unto that goal! *Prays*.

Tags: earthquakes, sapphires
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