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Victory Celebration / Thank You For Saving Me

Heaven is here, and it is now. The air in my lair is liquid with hope, love, and mana. The magic is palpable. With more than a thousand Sapphires, with more than 500lbs of Sapphires, my dreams are coming true. I have really found a fortune. A million dollars couldn't have gotten me so many capable gemstones. I want to give thanks to the wonderful beings who have supported me on my quest. I can hold my head up now, thanks to them. Thanks to them I can prove my magic on both local and worldwide levels. Thanks to them I have somebody to love. Thanks to them (*blush*) I am loved by somebody. I can put the Japan thing to rest now. I can put the rock video thing to rest now too. I am where I belong (on a gem mine that provides) (with the women who love me / with the women whom I love (*blushes*)).

Salvation is real. It is true.... . There was never a truer concept.

I'm not damned / condemned to fruitless roleplaying, and I pray in thanksgiving. I never had to roleplay once, and I give thanksgiving. I survived and somehow even blossomed (!!!)...while witnessing Jehovah's worst, and I pray in thanksgiving to the beings who made that possible. I do not have to die alone, or die for that matter, and oh how I give thanks (*exhales in relief*). *Prays in thanksgiving*.

Yea. The victory is theirs, and I worship them in awe.

*Prays in thanksgiving*.
Tags: salvation, thanksgiving
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