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The Definition Of A Female

I'm about to go to the mine and look for more Rubies and Sapphires (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). I need to clear something up though, for myself and for the world. That, since my Sailor Moon thing (*goes red*) has all kinds of wild and confused gender related stuff exploding / rippling through the internet.


Transgender is a fallacy. True gender is of such an enormous scale that mankind has no frame of reference to nor understanding of it. It's not slapping on an unfilled skirt (*gawks in shock*) and making pronoun usage demands at innocent bystanders. Females are universal scale beings free from entropy, and beings who are beyond anime in nature. Males 'are' 'everything' 'else'..... . Females are self-contained and self-generating universal scale life forms. They are wild. They are free. They are not 'homeless'... . They do not have domineering payrents. They do not have to answer to God, gods, demons, devils, bullies, rapists, tormentors, murderers, killers, and death. They were never created. They are beyond atoms, beyond science, and they define reality with their cosmic level abilities. They are free from disease, free from rot, free from decay, from from defilement, free from evil, free from ugliness, and, according my observations, truly perfect life forms. They do not need to reproduce, and on top of that *ONLY* *THEY* are *fertile*. Fertile in a planetary sense, a universal sense, in that they can sustain (entropy free) environmental conditions necessary for life. They can sustain the very fabric that both *is* and *carries* reality / matter.

Me??? I'm not transgender. Me? I'm not even going to claim to be female. I'm going to train and pray...in the hope that I may have *always* been.....whoever / whatever is necessary to protect and nurture to those gorgeous life forms who I have been in contact with.

Oh. And another thing (*coughs*) (*goes red*). I discern at the enemy forces' 'deceptive' 'term' 'of' 'futanari'.... . (*Facepalms*). A female with no 'testes' is female (*coughs*), and that even though she m..may have (*blushes*) a certain feature.... . I believe the true nature of reality can be inferred from my words here (*goes red*). My observations suggest that males don't even have true genitalia (of any shape, form, or function) period.... . Ummm. I am saying, in other terms, males can not give a frame of reference to the function nor form of *any* actual genitalia..... . Genitals (*facepalms with shyness*) are not even related to reproduction. They are related to cosmic energy though (*facepalms with shyness*). *Directly* *observable* (!!!!!) (*blushes*) cosmic energy. Do you see where I am going here? (*Blushes*). It takes a real female to give testament to how *all* (*goes red*)....uhh.....umm.....(*rubs my face shyly*).... .

*Sighs*. *Smiles blushingly*.

Ok, I'm going to go mine now :P *^_^*.

Well, after me has teh lunchtime *_^*

More Ruby and Sapphire am gonna getting today ^_^.

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