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Big Decision Time / Stay Here Or Go To Japan

[Just a word of caution. This post contains realtalk.]

My situation has drastically shifted. I can go to Japan now. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with worry*). Should I though? Do I have the skills???

Yea. According to the appraisal I received, I can go to Japan and stay for about a year.....*if* I were to hand in the Clear Sapphire pictured above. Hunnnh. I...I just don't know. I do not want to sell a gemstone that I was miraculously blessed the chance to find. I struggled for months to dig up that water-clear Sapphire. Then again, there are the visions and the explosive boosts for my abilities that take place when I set foot on an airplane / Japanese soil.

Hmmm. As confirmed by my strategic assessments, I only note antisocial fakers, frauds, straw men, and liars when I search for fellow dimension travelers on the internet. That is compounded by the fact that I only note anime getting worse and worse ('Sailor' 'Moon' 'Crystal' is so ugly and icky....I don't even watch nowadays).

The technology in this dreamscape has also been stalled for more than a decade. Hmmmmh.

Hmm. Argh. Have I reached a ceiling with my gemstone training here??? Should I give it a year here in my current location, and just keeping mining, praying, and training???

I'll admit it though. I was in dire straits before mining. Mining turned my life around. Showed me that, by my own hands and perspiration, I really can radically transform my situation. I have more gemstones than 'any' 'New' 'Age' 'shop' I have ever witnessed. Literally more than a ton of Sapphires. I'll admit that it is on me..that I have yet to coax forth and control the aura fields of these gemstones like a *real* gemstone user (*feels my fingernails glowing with the light of shame*) should be able to. I will keep trying though...... .

Hmmm. Realtalk time. I know why my abilities are in a frozen state..... . Having witnessed AMEZ church hags in my past, and having witnessed Chateau Heartiste's disfigured and grotesque "warpigs" for so long, my heart is in shock. That is why my abilities are dormant. In Japan I was locked into a state of lucid visions, communion like events featuring startlingly beautiful Goddesses..... . Endless amounts of energy coursed though me, as if seeing them so clearly and so regularly caused a feedback loop. Oh jeez...I guess I do have to go back (*facepalms*). Yea. While I am not a succubus (to my knowledge (*feels my fingernails glowing in prayer*) anyway), I *feed* to the sight of a gorgeous woman / female. I *NEED* them for me to even *function* (hence why I would of course note enemies pathologically concoct lies denying at their existence).

Urgh. I am going to keep mining, and keep thinking. If I go to Japan by October, I'll be taking a couple pounds of Sapphires with me.

By the way (*goes red*) I had a transformation vision take place last week as I slept above my own body weight in Sapphires. I like reality better (*feels my face burning*), in regard to the real Sailor Moon related world. I still had a blue and white attire (*coughs blushingly*), but my arms / veins were burning brightly with ki. I was in ecstasy as I felt and saw ~~ torrents of cosmic energy crackling through and over my entire body ^_^. Yea. I am guessing, from evidence presented then, that I will not experience the sort of lower body pains (*blushingly dips my chin*) which I experienced during the last trip / flight.... . Seems my real body has been steadily recovering as I have toiled in this place.

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