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Ruby Revelation / Physiognomy Is Real / The Trinity Covenant

[Warning: This post may contain the truth. As such it is not 'PC'.]

My gem mining culminated into a startling wakeful state event the other day. I had the alarming experience of feeling an *ancient* being awakening within and around me (!!!!), and doing so as I felt an enormous brain strain sensation from my (!!!!) lower back of all places (!!!!!!!!!). I progressed past the heights experienced during my Japan trip of yore, and *truly* saw that I am just getting warmed up. (*Gulp*).

Me??? I can't say I have been in a basement (*winks*). I have been taken all over the Smoky Mountains by gun toting fellers (!!????!!!?!!!?!!) who acknowledge my abilities (ie frying churches, generating thunderstorms, and EMP kung fu demonstrations) and just take me around to mine and feed me (*chuckles*) and stuff. Yesterday I was shown and given *this*.

Immediately upon cooking and eating dinner last night, I collapsed into bed. I was *utterly* tired, and showing the effects of "Sapphire fever" / "Ruby fever"....... . The world seemed to spin.

When I next opened my eyes (!!!!!!!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*), I saw the interior setting of a *gorgeous* huge house.... . I saw blue skies from the tall windows. It was heavenly...(*blushes*). I crawled / scooted back, startled though (!!!!!), as I saw an approaching figure and other figures present.... . (!!!!!). The beyond anime and *true* (!!!!!) version of Serena of Kalos (!!!) was joyfully and gently greeting me..as she lovingly walked my way. I *seemed* to glimpse Misty, May, and even Dawn (!!!!!!!) in the background of the location. My body link slipped about then though, and so I remotely viewed from then on. I suddenly saw my body below me, and (*blushes*) saw Serena hugging me as I was lying on my back. Oh she was so warm (*swoons*), warm with *love*!!! *Care*!!!!! Her *heart* was *beautiful*, *pure*, my sweet little maiden (!!!, *feels a kiss to my left cheek, and then heard a statement of thanks* (omg, you are so welcome, I thank you)) (*feels flutters in my stomach*) (*heard a statement of welcome*)..... . Oh I feasted (*swoons*). She was wearing this adorable dress of prismatic colors that was tied with a cute celestial silk looking ribbon (*blushes*). I confirmed her identity then and there. She is so beautiful (*gasps as a kiss is felt, that followed a statement of thanks being heard*) (*blushes red*).

I went to sleep in her cozy embrace (*blushes as a caress is felt*).

I am back now with news. Big news. Perceiving reality requires a trinity system.

Waking with heart strain this morning, I was functioning on a new level. I realized that a real human being has III full-sized brain organs, and III full-sized heart organs. (I slipped before, confusedly guessing the other organ pairs below the chest level..cumulatively matched the mass of the above organs). Organs that exist in both a physical and spiritual manner simultaneously. Physiogonomy is real. I suddenly understand that I have been witnessing crippled pseudobeings 'who' 'don't' even have the hardware necessary to understand nor postulate anything about reality period. I have literally been witnessing 'the' 'heartless', 'the' 'brainless'...... . I guess the saying "hips don't 'lie'" is literal. Objectivity is an ability far beyond 'them', and an ability that is the solely the ken of the living. Self-preservation is solely a cosmic being level instinct, and thus it is beyond 'their' 'horrifying' 'limitations'. I can *never* expect 'them' to grasp, or even consider concepts that aren't 'convenient' 'to' 'their' 'solipsistic' 'egos' (concepts like not attempting rape, not fighting, not bullying, and trying to be good unto neighbors aka love / true altruism). I understand now???? Hmmm...... . I wonder if I scanned sweet little puff puff who hugged me...(*blush*). Why did I have these physiology revelations? In any case, I am grateful to the beings who have made these revelations possible. I thank you for your endless support.

Yea. Just a quick heads up. There is a very high likelihood this world shall transform. It is a certainty, if I get my trinity system online. Even if I only note 'anime' 'level' 'status' initially, that *still* means noting 'the' 'ubiquitous' 'and' 'crippling' 'sub' 'anime' 'level' 'traits' 'of' 'retardation' '/' 'autism' '/' 'antisociality'...'gone'.
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