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Awesome Times / Living The Dream

I got what I needed yesterday (*goes red*)........ . A saw a hint of a cute girl's existence, and did so beside enormous and stimulating gemstones. Following that, an *enormous* energy surge took place.

I can only surmise I was blessed for the judgment which I passed on my post from the other day, and I give thanks.

I was eating lunch to the house of a local yesterday....when the pains hit. Beforehand..I had been handling the Rubies pictured above (with the (????) kid who gave me the larger Ruby), but had to hold doing so as sunburn (!!!!) like effects took place for my hands. I froze in shock on account of the prophetic and unexpected location of the pains, and then hurriedly ate my pasta shells (mmmmmmm *^_^*....) which were covered in creamy alfredo. I was trying to figure how to announce my need to go home....when suddenly a *very* audible bolt / crackle sound took place...toward my forward direction (in a hallway). After noticing the family puppy investigate the blast sound, I just opened up and spoke facts.... . I stated how I had to go so that I wouldn't blow up the house (*nods*). Heh. Having seen me blast holes into the cloud cover / atmosphere before, the family agreed..... .

I got back to my cabin, and oh my gosh (*gulp*).... . I was in agony, *ecstatic* agony ^_^. I knew it was happening (!!!!!!). Yes. A trinity system related (!!!!) awakening...... . I writhed in pain... . I groaned in agony. (*Feels my fingernails glowing in hope*). Now that (*coughs*) (*goes red*) I understand the *original* (!!!) purpose of feminine anatomy, I was chilling ^_^, and not hating the (???) *TOTALLY* *unexpected* prospect of be...b....p..possibly being a female. I kept fainting...., and waking back up.... . It was like the Japan flight all over again in many ways.....(*pauses amidst feelings of vulnerability*), but then this happened. Visions, *realtime* (!!??!??!!), of Usagi / Serena (!!?!???!!!?!!)....rolling around in agony (*gulps*). I was dressed in white (*gulps*)...... . I saw glowing blue eyes in my field of vision...., and that over here.

I accepted it???

Accepted that I want to heal...rather than kill, support rather than dominate, I accepted the situation. The (*gulp*) blonde kid with the hairtails who I saw...vulnerably writhing in pain...matched my personality, and I accepting being said kid. I did not think about anime (I'm not a fan of 'it'). I thought about my dream to nurture to people, and watch over the multiverse in the manner of a cosmic nursery. I want to be the shelter that protects the innocent. I want to be the light that eases those in pain. I want to be the darkness that helps the innocent stay hidden from 'predatory' 'eyes'.... . That's when I suddenly perceived myself in another location, and blasting forward in a bodily manner.....as I witnessed a demonic hydra monster 'and' 'some' 'evil' 'chick'.......'looming' 'at' my path. I was certain of victory.

I woke up here woozy, but with eased pains thereafter.

I might note that that Ruby giving kid is a psionic / dreamworld traveler (from the real / wakeful state world).... . The kid gave me the Ruby, and even suggested watching Grimgar. Grimgar which so resembles Saga Frontier II. Grimgar (!!!!!) which actually (!!???!!!) seems to give a tiny hint (or a hint that I can perceive) of what it is like to visually perceive and hang with..an actual, true, and thus *FUN* (!!!!!) female *^_^*. A lot is going on. I'll try to process it. I give thanks to the beings who have supported my every step (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*).

Oh, before I go, this morning I woke in an ocean... . I was in unity (!!!) with it. I felt a massive energy surge. I heard a voice announcing a hypercane (????), and then I saw (???) a kid dressed in white..hovering in the air. What followed was a satellite akin view of a huge huge huge hurricane........touching down on the continent. Why did I note 'Texas' referenced, in regard to the path??? Oh. I think I know now..... .
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