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Facing My Hyperdimensional Heritage

I have never claimed to be omniscient. I have never claimed to be omnipotent. I never intend to. I never intended to. Facts are facts though, and after holding my own at the worst of a horrible antidimensional God....., I must accept that I shall never fit in with mankind. My eyes see what man was not meant to see. I survive what man can not even fathom.

I walk into my yard and unearth enormous Rubies and Sapphires by way of demonstrable causality manipulation.




How do I feel? I feel lonely...... . I hope I do not lose my mind. It is what it is now..... . I know the truth. How many more years must I be stuck here? That is what I ask myself.... . How much lonnger must I keep witnessing utterly depressing and utterly hopeless beasts???

I *obviously* (*facepalms*) need a girlfriend, my (????) girlfriend, my girlfriends, and yet here I am *still* incubating......., *still* suffering in this place. Well...I would rather attempt to have courage and continue forth. What can I do to ease this pain?? Where are the others like me???

Hmmm??? Otherkin and Fictionkin??? There are such 'things'. My loneliness can not be eased through lies and liars. To travel dimensions...an individual must willingly face at, defy, and survive witnessing 'the' 'God' 'Jehovah'. That means, by default, not getting infected by 'him'.


Hmmmmm. I need to try to keep it together. I have tried. For more than a decade I have tried to be no less than a cool and caring person, a kind of person who could contribute to a productive and awesome society.

I just, too, need to find an actual society that can give me actual feedback on my performance.

I have a theory? Overmonitor is Starfire..... . The linguistic usage patterns I have observed seem to attest this. Hmmm (*sigh*). Yea, and Overmonitor is (?????) a blonde individual, Serena, Serena who lives in a world where there are no men. A world that has never had men. A lucent realm where there has never been murder, death, rape, birth, evil, or tyranny. A world of total peace..... . I am going to keep training, and just note that orrery / containment vessel thing (*facepalms* which is located within a certain organ of my lower body (*gulp* *goes red with feelings of vulnerability*)) blasted with all the energy I can gather and beseech. That is the *ONLY* way I can get to see some beautiful women like I need to (*blushes*). Women with great hearts, great personalities, incredible intelligence and wisdom, (*blush*) full and gorgeous round behinds, and mind-blowing hips and thigh gaps. That place is the only place where real women exist, so it is that place I must focus my attention to. I hope I can fit in there, I hope I have what it takes, had what it takes.




I hope I am not a mother (*cringes*) to 'the' 'hellbeasts' I have witnessed..... . If not, only salvation made it possible.

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