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New Weather Control Abilities / Not In My Region / No Sin Allowed

I was very upset this week, and it built up.

Neat things happened. Thursday, the mountain folks (pictured in the prior post) saw me directing lightning and doing some (!!!) *startling* new things.

Friday was another story altogether.....though. After a dimension event, a Serenity (!!!) (*gulps*) related dimension event, I reached a new level. A level where I *projected* a massive storm locally during an energy surge event. A storm which had the county paralyzed for a whole night and day. A storm which coalesced from what felt like an *ocean* of neon purple psionic energy overhead, *my* psionic energy. I was not writing 'fanfics' when I described my dimension energy events in the past, and lately...very intense thunderstorms occur with each and every event.....(when I am upset). Now I get to show that I am not some 'basement' 'dweller', and I am *so* thankful, *so* grateful. I don't have to lean on anime as a crutch. I don't have an empty pseudolife that has to be filled with pointless roleplaying. I am walking like I own this place, *because* *I* *do*........*own* *this* *place*.

What's happening now? I'm being fed massive dinners by locals who are attempting to calm me down. Locals who see me popping light bulbs daily, and causing electrical issues across the area. Locals who beg me to calm down.

I was satisfied for a bit, and then I witnessed......

http://asheville.craigslist.org/search/cas .

I will to do what Jehovah *won't* and *can't* do. I want to wash this world, and make it a place free from sin. I pray my abilities keep awakening, because I am going to use them. I pray that I may administer justice, and do so for the *right* reasons. I am going to note sinners deleted, and I mean writing space and time so the sinners were never even here. I will make this world free from sin. I'll sacrifice everything I have...to do so.

I give thanks to the beings who have made my recovery possible. I do what I do, so that you may live free from the traumatizing stench of sinners and their horrifying sins. I'll make this place a world that is fit for innocent children.
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