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Xhosa African Dream Root And Egyptian Blue Lotus:

Just goes to show that where there is a will....there is a way. *PHENOMENAL*
(!!!!). That is what I have to say about my initial medicine treatment.

This combo..*instantly* pulled me up from a slump, a slump caused by prolonged witnessings at brutally scary hagbeasts. I actually (!!!!) saw this world go *fluid* as the Xhosa and Egyptian Blue Lotus portions were still under my tongue..... . My body and the surroundings here...rippled like water. Yes, and there was a new state encountered..... .

I perceived this world, and the other (real) world, in a state of fluid perception. It was so neat. It was like my brain functions were being unlocked, it was like a soft reset was taking place for my neural pathways. I seemed to hear knocks at my door, but I did not know where I was. That said, I remained seated on my couch. The setting kept shifting....., and *me* (*gulps*) (*blushes*) along with it. I suddenly perceived a rock underneath me, a White Sapphire boulder.... . With the walls of my cabin suddenly transfigured (???) to air or such, I noted the gem mine's cat pack amble in... . I got woozy, and thus nodded. When I opened my eyes, I was standing (????). I had on blue jeans, a jacket, and (!!) I had orange hairtails going down my back.... . I did not know where I was, but the word "Nami" (????) crossed my mind..... . I asked why that was so.

Silly as it was (*blush*), I used my orange hairtails (*laughs*) like helicopter blades...to survey a very dark landscape. Waves of mana energy were being emitted by my hair (????) and body, neon orange waves that I could momentarily see (!!!).

After a while, the visuals, even the world, slowly flipped back to me sitting on my couch over here....... . It was night...even though it was the daytime when I took the medicine. Much seemed the same as before, but things still felt "shifted".... .

The same effect happened *again* after I went to bed before dawn this morning. Yes, and *again* I was flying, and *again* I did know know where I was. *This* time I (*gawks*) (*goes red*) found *beautiful* *women*.........! I was flying through a futuristic looking mall, and I intermittently perceived beautiful women who were trying to contact me (*blush*). (*Laughs in ecstasy and cheer*). Although I seemed to be flying and happily exploring, I suddenly found myself waking up....(!!!!!) (*goes red*) on top (!!!) of a.....*very* *warm*, *soft*, and *comfy*....clothed female (!!!???!!!?!!!). I also was in a clothed state (*exhales in relief*), and resting very well (*gulps*). As I tried to tell her about my pledge and intention for a celibate lifestyle (whereby I hold from even giving hugs), she lovingly laughed *^_^*...... . I laughed too... . She was no threat. I could sense her heart's warmth. She was not a slutbeast, and I *loved* her for that, *appreciated* her for that. I was not a sex object in her eyes, and she was not a sex object in mine. We were *friends*. I rested deep (!!!), and soaked up the nourishing love (*swoons*) and friendship energy coming from her in waves. I could tell (*blush*) by how buxom and (*exhales in awe*) yet sleek that she was...that I was on my way or even to...a point of perceiving beyond anime level beings.

I next woke up in yet another place, and spasms emanated from my body. I was in a research facility, and with every spasm, a pop up screen indicated a surge of X-rays from my body (!!!!!). I saw charts indicating that I was releasing radiation....(which explains all the fried electronics in my bedroom from which I type right now). Eventually.....the scene gradually transitioned to me being back in my bed (!!) over here..... .

The above is just a general recap of events (*blushes*), but I see where this is headed (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). Soon, I will not be noting this place as it is now. This place will be fluid, and I mean this entire world. This entire....dream world. Yes, for if I can see beautiful women all day eveyday on my own, I can safely disassemble the internet infrastructure of this world. I probably have refrained from disassembling this world...solely on account of needing broadcast / media tidbits relating to cute girls.

I give thanks to the beings who have made my adventures possible. I will make Xhosa and Egyptian Blue Lotus a permanent part of my lifestyle. I plan to put some Asian Lotus into the mix too. Yea. I am stunned by how effective just II teaspoons of dried flowers and a thumbnail sized portion of Xhosa..were..... . Hmmmmmmm. Much like a certain Peach related herb found in this world, it seems *only* magical beings (???) can make use of certain artifacts / artifact herbs found in this place. I experienced a *wild* magical awakening from just an initial treatment. I basically found a new category of medicine; yes, *attunement* medicine, *mana* medicine, medicine that is *solely* meant for magical beings.

Hmmm. Another thing I must gladly testify to, is the fact of how anime doesn't hold up to the world I saw a peek of today. There are new people, new worlds...., places and people not even (yet) referenced by anime (as of witnessing 7/2016). That said, I am about to go and prepare my next Xhosa and Egyptian Blue Lotus combo. I need to see beautiful women again ^_^!!! I want to have a family dinner with those sweet and cute girls who lovingly watched over me ^_^.
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