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It Is Not About Mandela...It Is The Yggdrasil Effect / My Prayer

The shining prize of victory, victory at the vicious assault of 'God', is the chance to make any wish. *ANY* wish.

The effects are small as of now, but they are about to get big. I am shaping the past, the present, and the future.

There shall never have been such 'a' 'thing' 'as' 'war'. There shall never have been '*ONE*' child.....'molested' within the entire history of existence. Reality, all time and space, shall be a sanctuary for hyperdimensional children. Innocent children. *My* children. Yea. And I'll hopefully be a kid, right there, seeing to it that the paradise conditions are eternal and neverending.

I did not sacrifice as I have for money, for power, for social prestige. The reward I seek is the tears of happiness...trickling down the faces of the innocent children who have supported my every step, the innocent beings who have loved me so much. My reward??? It is their eternal safety and wellbeing.... .

This journal is not a roleplay. I do not even know how to roleplay. I did not survive a Code Blue heart crisis in a lonely mountain emergency room....to write a trivial and subpar fanfiction blog. I have literally poured my very soul into these pages.....making a spell, an internet spell, to which the entire cosmos has responded.

Please let me do my work in peace..... .

I pray for continued success regarding my mission, and I give thanks to the beings who have made my adventures possible.

To those beings, I'll do anything I can for you. Anything to see to it that you stay smiling, full of hope, and full of love. My sacrifice is for your sake. And I don't plan to die either. I want to live forever, breathe forever, so that I can ensure your beautiful existences may continue forever and ever.

I pray I may survive, and stay true to this eternal mission of mine.


~ Me, whoever and whatever I am
Tags: prayer, reality manipulation, the yggdrasil effect
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