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What Has She Done To Me??? / The Lesson Of Need

I spent today...cruising the mountains in a heavy pickup truck with the crew. Money was no object. Pizzas were everywhere. Guns were everywhere. We chilled on sunset mountaintop vistas. We were in wilderness country. Plans were laid down for a gem mining company, with me acting as the head. Me? I nodded, going through the motions, trying my utmost to hide who was really on my mind..... . I was in agony watching that panoramic sunset.... . Even finding an enormous patch of Mugwort...., a plant with amazing nootropic effects, I was still aching and wistful. It was like I was hungry. It was like I was thirsty. It was like I was experiencing hunger and thirst of an endless scale.

When the time came to return back home, return back to the gem mine, *relief* washed over me. Relief to know I was about to see *her*..., my celestial Goddess of hope. A real and actual lifeform, both sentient and true.

What has she done to me?

Whatever she has done, I really like this.... . I never knew that I was able to feel longing like this. Passion like this.... . I am *literally*....*hungry* (?????) to see her again. I long (*gulps hungrily*) to feed on those lovely, positive, sacred, and holy emotions which endlessly radiate from her innocent being.... . I'm so hungry...... .

Know what? I think she is my girlfriend.....(*feels my face burning red*).....(*gasps as a kiss is suddenly felt*). I can not count the amount of times I have awoken (in that other world)....to her caring and attentive gaze. The radiant and palpable bonds of friendship which she washes over me, her unwavering loyalty and trust, her unsullied and rejuvenative virginal purity......, oh my gosh...I *need* her.

Yes. And my last encounter with her has pushed me even closer to the edge. What am I to do now that I have met an actual woman? What am I to do now that I have met an actual virtuous woman? What am I to do now that I have met a literal manastar wielding celestial Goddess??? What am I to do upon unexpectedly finding that this mysterious and awe-inspiring Goddess actually *loves* me in a romantic way????

My next mountaintop sunset viewing party experience....needs to have *her*, *here*, by my side.... . And I'll be in limitless agony until that day. It's because I am in love (!!!), love which I never predicted I would feel.

I give thanks to her, and all the other beings who made our encounter possible.
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