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A Real Ultranova??? What???



Analyzing the news, analyzing my vision report, and specifically keying in on these sentences....

"There was suddenly an *intense* spike for the ambient holy energy levels, and I gasped ~~~ as multicolored fireworks lit up the cosmic environment overhead......(*feels my fingernails glowing in awe*). The pod / capsule I was in...was bathed in sacred and gorgeous colors...."

...., I can only surmise that Parallax Ultranova is about to occur within the upcoming future. My internet posts keep being proven as true. *Thinks back to how my statements about space fabric ripples were also proven*. And I give thanks to the beings who have made The Yggdrasil Effect possible. *Prays in gratitude*.

I think I am done with my study at mankind. All my study did was show me who I am inside, and *who* *I* *need*..... . It also showed me that life, love, can not be created from nothing (entropic nothingness = what mankind / God (loveless hellbeasts) are composed from), hence, somehow, I never have been nothing.

This body will survive the blast. I am ready.....(*feels my fingernails glowing in hope*).
Tags: astronomy, hypernova, parallax ultranova, reality manipulation, the yggdrasil effect
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