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Heavy Cosmic Storm Kamehameha Wave / Learning How To Do A Real Kamehameha

I'm about to chill with the nigh daily posts, but I just *had* to give this update (*grins*).

I had my double Lotus potion yesterday around noon..... . Lying on my back in my bed, which is filled with Rubies, Sapphires, and Quartz, I had (???) a brief notation of startling closed eye visuals...... . Upon next opening my eyes, I perceived an eerie shoreline, and I noted a monstrous dragon canine thing......charging down at me. I ran for a bit as is a tactical habit of mine, but then asked myself why I was running. That is when it happened.

I dropped down into a low stance, cupped my hands, and (*facepalms*) said "Kaaaaa"...... . And like that, a field just *exploded* (!!!) forth from within me... . The field, which had a heavy gravity component, totally warded at whatever monster I was defending at. (It was not even a fight). From there, it was just self exploration ^_^, and explore I did.

Saying....."Meeeeee", I noticed my soul (!!!) *oscillating* (!!!???!!!), and *soothing* arcs of a crackling energy shot over and through me. By the time I said "Haaaaaaaaa", my focus slipped, slipped as I noticed I could "rev" my soul / aura...whether I spoke or not. A shield, a shield of gravitically charged lightning, was around me. A sound of thunder (???), cosmic thunder (???), came forth from the oscillating field generated of my soul.

I then immediately found myself over here, in this world, and I was groaning and spasming with the weight of the same intense energy..... . The sound of thunder (!!!??!!) came over the area, and an epic torrential downpour ensued. (*Listens to the thunder sounds of the above video*). (*Swoons in sync to the star scream guitar tone*).

I'm not a DBZ fan..... . I am embarrassed a bit actually. Me??? I am using the event to gauge my progress. During the event....I experienced a (!!!!!!) massive massive upshift from what I usually feel over here when I use my electromagnetic pulse abilities in this world. The tiny tingles I am used to feeling..*roared* into a stable and *big* gravity field configuration..during the event. Me??? I am saying this. It can be done. Flight, levitation, and beam emissions within this world....... . Yea. For virgins (and only virgins) anyway...... .

Whether by Parallax Ultranova, and/ or me permanently displaying the traits shown yesterday, victory is in sight. Maybe I'll generate that field soon, and just soar into space and drift.

Drift, sleep, and await the next communion event with my starry Goddess Of Hope. (*Gulps hungrily*) (*feels my fingernails glowing with love and hope*).
Tags: reality manipulation, senjutsu
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