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What Did I Just See???? / Sailor Venus???

History could be in the making here.... .

I am doing a quick report while my double Lotus potion is steeping.

*Feels pains suddenly*. *Grins as recognizes the pain to be indicative of a wild energy surge about to take place here*.

I was dimension diving, and I was hovering above an eerie futuristic city. I was trying to figure where I was. I seemed to notice a beautiful wharf, and a night time or predawn setting. The location *seemed* to be beyond anime, because there was no traffic, no noise, and eveything seemed so serene, so peaceful.

My soul suddenly touched down to a body of mine, but my legs were wobbly beneath me.... . My confused and disoriented walking...gave way to a stumble. My data processing capacities were obviously overwhelmed, but I am glad I just launched myself from my body as to sustain my sensory reception / perception levels. Yea. (!!!!!!!!!). (*Feels my fingernails glowing in awe and hope*).

Hovering above my body, I saw (!!????!!!!????!!!), *seemingly* saw, a be (?????) be..beyond (??!!??) 'anime'..Minako / Sailor Venus...rushing to my aid..(???)..... . (*Blinks as I suddenly feel my hair caressed*). I say this..because I did not drop a defensive graviton hammer blast upon the area (as is the case whenever I note anime level doppelgangers encroaching at my body).

Gazing and assessing, I noted Minako had very long blonde hair (???)...., luminous skin, and a (!!!) refreshingly *mature* countenance... . I noted an attire consisting of a (??) blue longskirt, and a jacket. I was confused because I tasted *care*, *care* and a *delicate*....*a* *vulnerable*.......*concern*....about her. She seemed *emotionally* *stable*.... .

Minako (???) urgently carried me to a bench or such nearby, and it was then (!!!!!!!!!) that I saw (!!!) me (*gulps*) face, my body...... . Yep. (*Shock fingernails glow felt*). *I* (*feels my face going a shy red*) was dressed similarly to Minako, and I even noted a hair balls hairstyle. I was....Usagi...., the not anime (??) Usagi. My eyes were moving about in a dazed (*winces*) manner. Minako suddenly applied a pink and futuristic device...which looked like a medicine...delivery system........to my left arm. The device emitted white lights (??!!??). It was then that I briefly landed to my body again, and was buffeted to *DELICIOUS* feelings of *care*....... . The UTTERLY delicious emotions emanating from her..invigorated me, sustained me, and in a realtime (!!!) manner. I am confused. Why did she seem so motherly??? She seemed so clean, emotionally clean, spiritually clean, mentally clean, and physically clean. She was so together as a person. She was capable of love (!!!!!???!!!!???!!!!). If every beyond anime encounter is to be like this, so refreshing and unexpected, then I *LIKE* it. I *LOVE* it. This is a true adventure...... .

Yea. I am going to take my medicine that I have *here*, and go back. I need that....(*blush*). Whoever that being was (and I pray she may be forever blessed for her kindness), I need contact with said being.... . I need to be around stable and sentient beings who have free will. She was no slut, no pitiful bimbo, and for that...I give her thanks. I also thank the other beings who also made this encounter possible. I'm exploring new worlds, and encountering *actual* lifeforms.... . I am encountering lifeforms both awe-inspiring and true. And I am UTTERLY thankful for this chance. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Yea.. . I am about to take my potion, and I'm doing it so I can be in the healing presence of beautiful women. Women who are capable of love.
Tags: dimension diving, hyperdimensional lifeforms, mystery, physiognomy is real
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