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A Guide To The Yggdrasil Effect

Q: Say Jaggimus.......what is the Yggdrasil Effect and what does it mean for the world?

The Yggdrasil Effect is my signature move. It is a gesture of sacrifice unto the innocent, and an absolute judgment at the wicked. It shares my reality manipulation abilities with the people I love. If you are loved by me, it means the chance to write your past, your present, and your future with your sheer will and determination. Although the process is in it's initial stages, it will rewrite every aspect of this world.

Q: Rewrite?

A: Exactly. There shall be, for example, no such thing as porn. Even *I* will not remember porn. Even the past shall never have had porn.... . The same applies at men. History shall never have had one man, there shall not even be a concept for 'a' 'man'. The same applies at birth. There shall not be any 'parents' '/' 'payrents'. There shall never have been any 'parents' '/' 'payrents'.

Q: Why would you do this?

Love. Meaning, having celebrity status with a billion dollars and social fame means nothing when there are innocent children scared, starving, and in need of comfort.

Love. Meaning, average citizen status with a 60k a year wage slave job and a house full of bedbugs.....means nothing when there are innocent children scared, starving, and in need of comfort.

I'm not virtue signaling, I'm not roleplaying in some basement, I'm *acting*. My instinct, my desire, is to nurture, nourish, and protect those who are truly in need. This world needs to be written so that kids have a chance to be healthy, loved, and safe.

Q: Who and what are are you, and where are you from?

I am, apparently, a self designed and self designing organism. I am a universe, comprised of both space fabric and time... . (*Blush*). Other universes have chosen to be anchored to me. I generate bipedal bodies for myself in multiple planes as a means to communicate and interact with other lifeforms (beautiful women *grins*), play, eat good food ^_^, and enjoy life.

Q: What can we expect with the future Yggdrasil Effect manifestations?

A: Probably witnessing 'mass' 'insanity' 'outbreaks' initially (as evidenced by noticing gender dysphoria issues dominating mankind's news headlines within recent times). This world will be perceived as fluid. Each time you wake up, you will wake up to a transformed world. The whole Bernstein Bears shift was just a tiny tiny example. Next, It could be where you wake up, and find your Bernstain Bears books are Bernstein Cats books. Yea. And then waking up a month later to note that the Kim Kardashian show has become the Bernstain Cats show, and that because this world would literally and solely be inhabited by fuzzy cat people. Yea. And then, a year later, you wake up with no male gender status nor masculine gender features. You wake to a world where you see luminous people flying across the skies seeking adventures and good times. People who are prettier than anime. It'll be wild..... . Only adaptive minds will fare well it seems.

Q: How can I prepare for this?

A: I would advise keeping a month supply of food on hand, and preparing your mind and body. I would also advise learning wilderness survival skills and the like. Hold, if possible, noting any video games or television. Train skills, specifically survival skills, and work on being self-sufficient. For those with flexible minds, the process shall be really fun ^_^! (Oh. If anybody with skills (who will not drag me down) is around, I am willing to team up IRL before the next wave of oncoming events. Maybe we can make a survival compound while there is still time).

If anybody reads this, please feel free to post another question in the comment section.
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