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I Am Not Alone / Healed And Ready To Go / Friendship Is Salvation

*Sighs in relief*. I was hurting earlier, and my mood *unexpectedly* took a deep dive. My loneliness, my acute response of loneliness, manifested within the local environment. The gem mine crew came to check on me, bringing me food (thanks) to calm me down. They recognize the storm clouds that fill the sky whenever I get upset. A gem mine kid gave me a honey bun, and another kid gave me a lollipop (for which I am thankful). I thanked them for the calming food, but told them how I needed to work on easing the shadowy and intense emotions rising within me....lest the county get blasted by tornadoes like those which I caused last month.

Luck was with me again, because when (*goes red*) I rested upon my bed, I felt a touch (*gulps*). I then had a vision, a vision of a familiar individual.....

...crawling (*coughs*) over my prostrate form. I then felt a hug, literally.... . I felt a shining hug (!!!????!!!), a gentle and shining hug..... . All that hurt, all that pain, all that acute loneliness, (!!!) shifted to a calm and restful "blue"..... within my heart..... . (*Exhales in relief and awe*). Oooh.....(*sighs*). I was saved....... . *Shakes my head*. Passively diving into the mind of the sweet-hearted and lovely lady, I discovered that she is the actual hyperdimensional being which this world fragmentedly presents as Kotori Mizuki, Pinkie Pie (!!!) (*hope nails glow felt*), and Nina Wyndia.

I drifted into a deep and restful sleep.

Witnesses from the mine told me that the dark clouds cleared while I slept.

I learned a vital lesson today. I need to *keep* guarding my heart, and only use the internet for spellcasting and research. I thank my dear and beloved family member who helped me get back onto my feet. I do not have to accept any substitutes when it comes to friendship, and for that, I give thanks to the people who make that possible. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with the energy of a sudden revelation*).

Know what? I think friendship is salvation.... . (*Modifies the post title accordingly*). True friendship is sacred.... . It is holy... . It lifts you up when you didn't even know that you could be lifted up. It heals and sustains...., and it washes over your aches and pains. It cannot be faked. It is *magic* (whatever form she takes, she always (*gasps*) provides and proves the same blessed message, the same blessed covenant).

I give thanks to the miraculous and truly special beings who are capable of providing friendship. Friendship which colors my world and sustains me. I am so grateful that you decided to share such a blessed and holy....thing with me (*gasps as a passionate kiss is felt on my lips*). (Thank you (*goes red*)).
Tags: friendship is salvation, hyperdimensional lifeforms, physiognomy is real
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