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Wilderness Work

Ever since I have posted about The Yggdrasil Effect on here, I have noted strange stuff.... . I keep remotely detecting anger, depression, hatred, paranoia, and madness. *Rubs my face*.

What happened?

Well....I went mining yesterday, seeking nature's armaments. I mined in a wilderness river.

I found a flawless Clear Topaz for The Yggdrasil Array. I also found an electrifying and flawless Green Emerald or Green Sapphire.

I also mined a bunch of Corundum and Flint for heavy defensive field applications.

Hmmm.... . Yea. I detect rage directed at me.... . As such, I am going to armor up.... .

Oh... . Guess what? On account of The Yggdrasil Effect, Peach Mushrooms are now present in this world. They have been back written into history, and written into the present.

Soon, starships and other artifacts will be present. Yep. This world has already gone fluid.
Tags: gem mining, gemstones, the yggdrasil effect
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