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Nature Energy Mana Surge / My Wild Heart

I'm getting pumped ^_^!!!

Maybe I am feeling the initial pangs of the megaload surge due this Autumn??? I can feel it.... . Star systems, nebulae, galaxies, facets of my environmental physiology, *pulsing* with seemingly limitless streams of energy.... . I can also feel an absolute rift.., a rift of a both a conceptual and physical nature, a rift of both a mental and spiritual nature, a rift of both an emotional and logical nature, a rift of both a temporal and spatial nature, whereby I am not burdened by...nor linked to mankind in *any* way...shape...or form.

I'm *so* excited about the future. Yes, and it seems my surging energy levels are having an eerie effect locally :P.

Very animated and zany anipals kept showing up and chilling in my yard today. Puppies and kitties kept coming from far and wide so that they could cuddle up to (!!!) me. My house was like Animal Planet (!!!!) :P. I played with the animals, dashing up mountains and such, and just had a fun time being wild ^_^. Kids and animals always seem to love me for some reason, and today was no exception. When I got back inside from chilling with the anipals, I noticed that I sucked energy from whatever electrical devices I touched.

I hope I am about to have a *huge* surge event soon, whereby I absorb galactic concentrations of energy into my being. Yea.... . I can feel something happening with my energy levels, and I give thanks to the beings who have supported me to this day.
Tags: infinite energy, mana, senjutsu
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