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Trained By A Starry Maiden

Tears of awe, limitless awe, are present in my eyes right now ^_^. I am having to modify the way that I consider the world....after what just happened... . Oh wow~~~~.... .

*Shakes my stunned head*.

I was in a classroom.... . As is the case with dimension diving, I tried to assess where I was. I was sitting to a desk.... . I soon realized I was home...(!!) when I visually perceived, albeit very very blurrily, an (!!!) energetically large presence approaching and sitting next to me. The presence, the being (*cackles in a startled and joyous manner*) seemed to be wearing a black top, and a skirt. There was another being accompanying (*jumps up IRL amidst typing, amidst feeling a touch to my leg*) (*blushes and grins*) the being who sat beside me....., but that person stood beside the sitting individual.

I noticed the sensation of *high* vitality levels.....from the being next to me, but my senses were still acclimating to her *intense* data. I just asked it then and there (*goes red*).

"Can you show me how to use ki?".

Then, focusing, I did punches, karate style punches, and generated a popping series of wind currents in front of my fists..... . I was embarrassed, for I wanted to show her some kind of proficiency. I unexpectedly heard a compliment from the standing individual (!!), and then unexpectedly heard gentle words from the person beside me. It was then I saw her extend her arm, curl her fingers into a claw, and felt (!!!!!!) an *enormous* surge of energy within her body.

(*Blushes*). She felt *wild*, untamed, *indomitable* (!!!!!). (*Gasps as I feel a caress as I try to gather words*) (*grins*). It was then that I touched her fit, toned, and yet so...soft arms, just *marveling*. A female senjutsu user???? *Wow*!!!!!!! (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). (*Gulps*).

It was then that I was *overwhelmed* (!!!!) by a surge of *stimulating* energy (!!), which awoke dormant sensory pathways, and even momentarily caused me to see my body in front of me. *Laughs*. I saw her clearly (*blush*) in that moment, and saw her stand and lead me to a nearby area. It was her ^_^!!! The gorgeous blue-haired starry maiden from before! The cute little Goddess who has that *delicious* and *nourishing*...aura of limitless ^_^ hope and cheer!

Yea. After placing me in a safe area to watch, she, so utterly adorable (*laughs with joy and awe*), slide stepped / hovered with ki and threw the most *adorable* looking sidekick I have ever seen in a effort to teach (!!!) me ^_^! She was teaching me the techniques I need. Techniques that shall allow me to carve my name into this landscape, and *take* what I need in regard to material resources. Yea, the intensely nourishing and area-effecting energy wave from her kick, and her beauty, caused me to *faint* in ecstasy..... . Faint as a brilliant and pure light inundated the entire area. I think I may understand the initial principles of ki control now... . I have to infuse my bipedal body with cosmic energy, and *constantly* / in a passive manner... . I thank my beloved for this lesson. Thank you.

*Feels a burning in my heart*. This is...(*gulps*) new for me. I do not know if I have ever felt physically attracted to a being before, but I am now struggling with feelings that both startle me and overwhelm me... . I literally feel my temperature rising......(*blushes*). Yea, I do not even know if I can think straight right now......(*laughs*). What is this? What is this feeling.....? What is she bringing forth from me (*goes red with uncertainty and a deeply felt exhilaration*). Her body is so amazing ~~~, in both function and form.... . Her body is awesome, she is awesome. *Swoons*. Why did I touch her arms like that (*gawks*)???

I pray in thanks, that I could survive to see the day where the most beautiful being I have ever seen....wields the most awesome karate / senjutsu I have ever seen. Gosh...she is so cool. So gallant...with yet no forfeiture of delicate femininity. I give thanks to her, thanks that she has decided to *teach* *me*. (*Feels my entire body glowing with gratitude*).

I am going to use my refractor telescope in my mediations from now on. I am going to try to pull cosmic energy from the heavens,the stars and galaxies, and store said cosmic energy within my body.I might be in abject pain initially, but I must try.
Tags: hyperdimensional lifeforms, physiognomy is real, senjutsu
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