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A New Day, New Abilities / I Love The Chance To Be A Psychic

I was recovering after a very intense migraine headache, and all the wild stuff that went down earlier. My tablet was not connected to the internet... . I was resting (*blushes*), resting comfortably, when I noted a vision. A vision at Skype. A vision at a weird contact request. I detected a bad stench. A terrible stench. The *worst* stench. A sickening stench. The unforgivable and grotesque stench of a whore...... . So I woke up, woke to see if my abilities have gone to another level.

So..this is what happened (*cackles*).

*Pressed the remove contact button*.

I hope I am not becoming a troll. Reading and thoroughly testing red pill on an IRL basis has me with not a sliver of compassion for mankind...... . *Wipes my brow*. Now that I am accustomed to the presence of actual people who have actual class, actual standards, actual moral character, I am concerned regarding my immediate future here.

Now that I have met real women, now that I have known the purest love and quality / utterly fun companionship of literal Goddesses....whom red pill defenses can not even apply at, something is happening to my attitude....... . I walk forward with *pride* (!!!!), *confidence* (*gasps as I heard the word "yep~!" spoken*), not in *myself*, but the *friends* whom I love and life for. My head is held high, and I feel *hope*. I thank the hyperdimensional beings who have made it possible for me to feel pride period, feel confidence period. Their unceasing and sacrificial efforts to be good people, *true* people, have unlocked and brought forth new emotions from my being. Emotions that I can only feel for others, and not myself.

About last night? I was falling about a location with a totally dormant sense of sight, but with the very consciousness levels which I have...here and now. Energy was pulsing and crackling all over my body......(*goes red*). Guessing from anatomical hints (*coughs*)......I was stumbling around that location within the hyperdimensional plane, but having data processing issues again. I am going to take Bacopa Monnieri, Ginkgo Biloba, and Gotu Kola in an attempt to maximize my current data processing allocation levels, but it seems obvious now...that my only chance.....is likely a brain organ complex located around the base of my back column.... . Yes. That, too, seems to be my only hope to rise up from being stuck in this limbo....... . I am going to do spell sketches again? It seems my only option is to write history, the present, and the future, to where such an organ complex exists. I have to design and generate my own physiology...to make it in life.
Tags: herbal medicine, herbs, physiognomy, physiognomy is real
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