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My Yggdrasil Effect Bunker / My Mandela Effect Bunker

Wahahahaha *^_^*!!! My manipulation of the past, the present, and the future progresses on.

I have converted my gem mine location into a massive satellite dish, a dish from where my dreams, my desires, are having a direct effect on all of space and time. I need to prepare for the next steps, I need to prepare for total and utter disorientation.

Can you imagine it? Waking up tomorrow lying on the ground in a vast desert?

Can you imagine it? Waking up next month in a futuristic mechanized world?

Can you imagine it? A new system of physics that has no relation to atoms......?

Me? I am preparing while there is still time ^_^. I have a food supply that can last for months, and I am training as many skills as I can. Yea. I do not know how much longer the internet will be operative, so I am stocking up on all kinds of survival medicines and supplies.

I get it now, this thunderstorm thing that now happens with my every energy surge recently. I understand why, just last month, that neon purple energy filled the skies, generated storms, generated tornadoes, and had this and the neighboring counties gripped in darkness..... . The next Yggdrasil Effect pulse will involve record setting *HUGE* storms, maybe even lightning storms that are permanent! Oh wow.... . Oh wow...oh wow...oh wow. All kinds of new examples of lightning, and tornadoes......shall take place (!!!!!!!!!). And with every big storm of mine, so shall there be another Yggdrasil Effect shift.

I am stoked now... . I give thanks to the hyperdimensional beings who love me, and have enabled me to do the things I do today ^_^! I'm so happy. I can *PROVE* myself now ^_^!!!!


So, please, will you celebrate, celebrate as I fill this world and the cosmos with limitless volts, volts that write the past, the present, and the future *^_^*!!!
Tags: cosmic energy, reality manipulation, senjutsu, space manipulation, special abilities, the yggdrasil effect, time manipulation, weather manipulation
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