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Black Sapphire Bounty / That Cosmic Storm Feeling / Loving This Lifestyle


Yeeeeeeaaaaah ~~~ !!!

I have been in those rocky mountain creeks, digging, and finding, digging, and finding ^_^! I have been dodging snakes and pinching crawdads lol.... . I am so pressed for time, I have not yet even sorted through my buckets of mining material :P. The gemmy and hexagonalish big stone is unheated....raw...BLACK SAPPHIRE (!!!) :D!!!!! I note local mines place 10,000$ prices and more (!!!!!!) at these kinds of gemstones.

What am I going to do with it? I was thinking of giving it to a certain reader for free....(*winks*)...., buut......I think need to keep it for myself (*grins*)...... . It has a *head* *blasting* effect initially, an effect that causes migraines, headaches, and jolting sensations through the body. I think I need it to help me regulate and store..all of these *wild* torrents of energy that keep blasting forth from me...., or else my living area may be continually cloaked in thunderstorms.


Eerie stuff happened yesterday, and last night (*blushes*).

I was fiddling around in the kitchen when I suddenly felt cosmic lightning (!!!!) blasting about within my body (*coughs blushingly*). Doubling over in pain as such, I immediately went to lie within the gemstone array to the back of my house (so I keep having a house, and do not blow it up ^_~). My gosh (!!!!!)....., what happened after that, was an *intense* (!!!) cosmic energy surge accompanied by rain.....(*blush*), pouring rain and perhaps thunder. I was in *ecstasy* as soothing and calming currents of energy..., exploded forth (!!!!!) from me.

Today, *something* is different. I feel so light on my feet, and *brimming* (!!!) with energy *^_^*. I want to dance, find cute girls (*grins*), and dance to music that sounds cool :D!!!
You know what that means. Yep. I gotta dimension dive ^_~.

I guess I will do that, while chilling beside and over the forward gemstone array within my house.

I give thanks to the beings who make my lifestyle possible. I would not change a *thing* about my life. I love living like this *^_^*!!!
Tags: cosmic energy, gem mining, gemstones, sapphires, senjutsu, thanksgiving
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