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Yggdrasil Effect Analysis

My gosh, I was in the *thick* of it last night. *Literally* caught history, the present, and the entire world being rewritten ((!!!!!))...... .

Yea, this stuff is not for the solipsistic....., it is not for those absorbed in egotism. You have to assess your environment, safety levels in your environment, and your *entire* *history* as soon as you wake up........ . It takes striving for mental flexibility, and adaptability.

I *caught* it, the process, underway....... . I unexpectedly had to use *everything*.......*I* *had*....



...to keep my history stable....... . I do not know if I slipped, or noted an entity trying to hijack at my abilities, but I noted severe and catastrophic changes imposed at the periphery of both this reality and my past......., specifically a false reality / false history imposing a "first beer" (and a false LJ post about the experience) (!??!??!!???!!) at my life record (!??!!!!??!!!!). I refused to let my history get raped (*blinks*), and accessed my "universe form"........ . It was like my life, my life history, was thus protected in time by a barrier............. .

Every day I wake up, I am going to have to speed read through encyclopedias...... . That's what is up..... . *EVERYTHING* is fluid....... . Also, guess what???? I, amidst defending myself, had the option to just wipe at 1992-2016......, whilst retaining all of my memories. But I opted not to, for now, so that I may research a certain (????) fuzzy wolf.......^_~. Yea, a fuzzy wolf who loves hugs lol (*cackles*) ^_^.

I am tired now........ . I think I am going to go prepare myself some Rhodiola Rosea.
Tags: history manipulation, reality manipulation, the yggdrasil effect
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