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Learning Who I Am

I am kinda shaken up right now *^_^*.. .

I spent today being tutored in how to find Ginseng, and that was followed by a huge mountain dinner, where I was specifically invited as the main guest.

It was not an average affair. The tutor and host was a terminally ill man, an infamous local Ginseng kingpin that claims my medicines are the only things keeping him ticking and without pain in his last days. He said he intended to pass on the ropes of his trade *tears up*....... .

After noting him ask about my Code Blue experience of last year, a long talk took place..... . After the scouting expedition was over, he handed over some gemstones (!!!!!!!!), and the *HUGE* dinner feast took place.

It is not only that? I have not had to cook all week, as I have been treated to free homecooked meals and expansive restaurant dinners by locals who claim that my free medicines, and my presence, ....drastically shifted their lives.

I feel a white glow in my heart, chest, and hands when I live like this? Live in line with my principles, and just be myself. Live whereby I willingly give my time and energy to try to see those around me prosper. Living like this gives me flashbacks, flashbacks about living within an enormous white celestial church like place (?????) where people come seeking healing, friendship, and solace........ . My deepest joy, deepest ecstasy, is the prolonged physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of those who live around me. Yea. I want to learn the healing arts....... . I want to learn and have flawless healing abilities. I want to bring a sanctified place, a sanctuary of healing, unto this world..... . I want to be a shelter unto those who need comfort....., and provide shelter unto those who need comfort. I want to build a *real* church, a sanctuary..... .
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