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To Get My Rig Or Try More Reaching

If I get my electric guitar, my electric mandolin, my Guyatone Tube Reverb, and my Vox Lil' Night Train, it'll be over. *DONE*. I will play a new version of my theme song, and summon an ever bigger cosmic blast than before........ .

The planet would go "BOOM"!!!

But is that the right thing to do???? Yes, and will that help my situation?

Did I truly embark on this vision quest whereby I witness a dangerous God for research purposes.......all by myself? Could I have embarked on this trial as a member of a duo???

I have a big decision to make......... .

I pray for guidance.

I can go get my rig from storage, or pour my resources into a hypothetical (duo) scenario which may be no more than the machination of my mind........ . Am I really the only person witnessing at mankind.....who has free will??? Yea. Why did I not have to be told...not to drink from public toilets..., figuratively speaking, for me not to drink from them? Why did I not have to be told to not swill down diseases, death, filth, and decay......for me not to do it??? Why am I so different????? I tell you what, I am *craving* to play that closing song with my new and boosted abilities............. . I try to be free from hatred, anger, spite, and vengeance...., and I pray that I am not acting on such.... . But gosh, how much longer must I suffer???

Why am only I having fun???

The only time I ever fit in, is when I am with those fun and beautiful hyperdimensional girls who play with me, dance with me, and enjoy and *COMPREHEND* the *MIRACULOUS* chance to be alive.... . *Ponders*.

I am going to call the driver tomorrow, and set a tentative September travel day in case I choose teh boomtime!!! As far as my actions go, only my art, too, has ever brought me comfort, peace, while I have been here....... . My reality manipulating art. I have quite a decision to make, and my mission, and life, both depend on me making the right choice.
Tags: electric guitar, electric mandolin, hyperdimensional lifeforms, reality manipulation, spellsongs, the yggdrasil effect
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