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Time To Unleash My Real Abilities

I am still assessing what is going on, but I detected a terrible force last night amidst my dimension diving. I was keeping hidden as I witnessed a gross, disgusting, and warped expanse of diseased land and derelict houses. I actually had a huge gun in my hands, apparently passing up my usual style of self defense involving close range hand / feet techniques paired with long range magic blasts. I detected a terrible and diseased force encroaching. I detected at a blast oncoming, a God scale assault. After that, it was like I was in freefall as I witnessed entire subanime and anime dimensions ripped apart and infected by some terrible force...... . I survived unharmed, but as I spectated a Transformers based world being destroyed, and witnessed villains and 'good' 'guys', man and machine alike...being infected and being destroyed from within by some kind of viral force, I went into emotional shock (*feels myself going blue*). Witnessing Bumblebee's horrible fate, I felt queasy........ .

Eventually I felt a (???) summoning sensation, and found myself to an eerie but inspirational looking metallic white citadel / fortress. Yes, and it was there I saw Iris (!!!!!!) waiting. Yes, the real and true...hyperdimensional version of Iris (*feels my heart glowing with hope*), the Iris who has no link to Pokemon. Me??? I tried to watch over and protect her. (*Blush*). Knowing me so well, and *knowing* my *intentions*, she guided me into a shrine like place, and a place that gave me *much* needed respite after witnessing the chaos earlier (*exhales in relief*). As my color came back (from my shocked state), I think I, in a dizzied and confused state (*blushes*), tried to materialize food and then cook it for her *^_^*. She sat, so calm, gentle, and elegant, and lovingly watched me struggle (*blushingly laughs*)...... . I sensed (!!) her sympathy, her compassion, and (*coughs*) her adoration.. . I was nourished (*exhales in relief*) by her care, her concern, her love energy. I felt, then, the *vitality* of (???) our relationship. We were glowing white (*feels my face go red*) with the shared bond of love. The bond felt indomitable (*^_^* !!!!!), and I felt pumped, exhilarated, invigorated. I fully recovered from my shock which took place moments before. I apparently fainted then, and whilst dizzily trying to prepare a meal for a person I care about.........(*gulps*). Another individual in the shrine, who tried to make sure that I did not get injured, caught me as I keeled over and then took over the cooking (thank you).

I sailed through a couple worlds after that, but because of that, and not perceiving Iris as I was before, my shock returned some.

When I woke up here, I had an upset stomach a tiny bit.

Yea, I thought I was done noting such horrible battles. What set off such rage from the enemy?????

Well, I am going to *have* to get my music gear now, I suppose. I need to unleash my full abilities just to defend myself. Wow.

I give thanks to Iris, our friends, our family, for helping me survive the night. I am glad to be alive right now, ecstatic even. My desire to live with them, and protect their sacred health and their sacred emotions, forever and ever..., drives me forward.
Tags: dimension diving, empathic reception, empathy, friendship, friendship is salvation, hyperdimensional lifeforms, love
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