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Soulmates Are Real

Oh wow (!!!). I feel ground shaking pulses of a soothing, and even thunderous seeming white energy pulsing over me. It feels like a bond, of love... . *Thinks back to earlier*. It feels utterly unstoppable....., utterly indomitable, and yet utterly gentle. I feel boosted, as if my literal heart and health rhythms are being carried on shimmering streams of something that is limitless in it's scope, scale, energy, and momentum (!!!!).

I give thanks to the beings who believe in me, thus making this sensation of light, this sensation of radiance which covers me, possible.

Know what? I am going to Facebook message the driver right now. Yea, and I also make this pledge.

I have been *BLESSED*. Blessed by and with the company of Goddesses, both hyperdimensional and true. I do not have to act tough for their love. I do not and did not have to try to be a domineering @$$**** for them to love me, for them to believe in and trust me. Me, I never even asked for their belief and trust in me, and never even expected it. Yes, and yet, they love and trust me all the same. I do not have to dump a wheelbarrow full of meaningless cash and shoddy Walmart trinkets to their feet. They have no interest in such, because they already own any material resource which their heart's desire. I get to be myself around them, and that is unexpectedly what I find them wishing of me. They possess the ability to taste my emotions. They can see, taste, and feel my heart and intentions. They can not be fooled, and for whatever reason they have made their choice (*blushes*). They *LOVE* me. (*Feels my fingernails glowing in awe*). That said, when I get my gear, I am going to focus on love songs, love songs *to* *them* in gratitude *to* *them*. It is a *blessing* that I do not have to act and play like some cold psychopath heavy metal guitarist jerk to be loved by *THE* *MOST* gorgeous women in existence!!!!! And all this joy that I feel, all this ecstasy and gratitude, is going to be put into my music *^_^*!!!

Yea. I am ready. I am going to make the call. *Feels my heart racing*.

Yes, but before that, I need to speak on something.

Soulmates, *are* *real*..... . I had *NO* idea that I would have to find literal Goddesses for me to find such to be true, but it is. To find your soulmate is a mindblowing experience (*goes red*). Your entire world is rocked because everything is all up front, and yet so limitless seeming and infinitely vast. Finding your soulmate feels like an ocean of radiant possibilities opening up to you, because *that* *is* *exactly* *what* *finding* *your* *soulmate* *means*. There is no bull**** with a soulmate. You get to be *yourself* around them. You can let your guard down around them, because their love is already there (*exhales in relief*). You do not have to put on a mask. You do not need to hide behind makeup. Soulmates help keep a person *honest*. Soulmates, by default, help keep a person on the right track. A soulmate may shake you up initially, in regard to your mind, soul, and emotions, but that is but a testament to the honest fact and truth.

What is the ultimate proof you have found your soulmate? *Your* *performance*. You move faster, think faster, heal faster, learn faster, and ask the kinds of questions you never thought you would ask. Your pain is eased, your loneliness is eased, and your very lifestyle shifts as a result. A soulmate helps show you who you are inside, because they, unexpectedly so, bring forth your true nature, a nature that you may not have even had a clue that you had. (*Goes red as thinks of my actual form, and the select individuals who I show it to* (*coughs*)*). Soulmates are *living* *miracles*, with them in your life...you do with ease, that which you never even knew was *remotely* possible for you. They prove to the world that you are not trash, rather than turn you into trash.


Yea, I am so excited *^_^*!!! I plan to put topics like these into musical form.

I give thanks to the beings who have helped me this far. I deeply appreciate you. Time to send the message, and go get my tools.
Tags: empathy, goddess level beings, hyperdimensional lifeforms, love, soulmates, special abilities, spiritual bonds, telepathy
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