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Turning Point / Choices

Even if tomorrow..I were to attain the ability to soar through the skies of this mindscape, all it would be, too, is a product and manifestation of the words in this journal. Words of love backed by action (???) seem carry an arcane and immutable weight in this world. Indeed, and I realized that after a localized thunderstorm, and an enormous Yggdrasil Effect shift took place after the last post.

Yea, I have made a big decision? I am done, in certain regards. I plan to hide in plain sight, in regard to my music, my writings, my abilities, and even my own identity. Mankind can not handle me, nor grasp any of the concepts I bring. Concepts like love, and prioritizing the needs of others. If I awaken flight, ki blasts, and any and all such abilities, I plan to avoid fame. I will hide the abilities. I now understand mankind does not have the capacity to love me (or anybody), perceive me, understand me, or embrace me as family, and that is something I now find comfort in. Maybe I needed to find my soulmates, too, so I would not go insane from this revelation. Yea, I am not here to teach mankind. I was here to witness the chaos, and affirm miraculous omnidimensional bonds of love which truly, as such, were proven as salvation. Yes, for true friends are not created, not born. And their inherent capacity to feel love, and thus make loving choices, is irreplaceable. I am not here to punish beasts for beasts just being beasts. Beasts do nasty acts of murder, and the like because they lack free will. Beasts do depraved sex acts to their own undoing because they lack free will.

I am alarmed to say this, but I just want to lay low, and do everything I can to retain my personal attempts for humanity and a conscience. No drugs, no sex, no religion, no alcohol, and keeping very clearly defined boundaries whilst keeping up my "guise" in public. Yea, I did not know my own free will was a hyperdimensional ability. The Bible lied (no surprise)...... . Mankind does not have free will.

My free will shown by my past choices, was (!!!) just an initial manifestation of my full scale reality manipulation abilities which are now flaring awake. OMG, *that* is why, with every irl refusal at sex, drugs, dating, alcohol, and senseless killing, *something* awakens within me, and more Yggdrasil Effect manifestations take place.

Choices (!!!!!!). Free will. Reality manipulation. Oh my gosh....... . There is a direct link......(!!!!).

With this revelation comes ramifications.
Tags: free will, hyperdimensional lifeforms, love, reality manipulation, special abilities, the yggdrasil effect
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