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Growing Pains / New Abilities Awakening

Some kind of massive awakening has taken place for my dimension diving abilities, and my empathy and telepathy abilities.

I went to sleep, shaken and in pain last night (9pm), supported to sleep by perceiving the presence of a hyperdimensional being beside me (*goes red*), a being from the homeland who loves me (the true me, gender and all). What followed then was a *massive* time dilation event. I spent a long time within another plane, recuperating from my shock and resting. When I eventually came back here, came back after experiencing a healing rest, my telepathy senses had clicked into *overdrive*. There was a cloud of mental energy, fear and anxiety laced mental energy (*notices the word "psychometry" pop into my thoughts*), that pervaded every item in my surroundings, and even seemed to *generate* my surroundings. I had *ultimate* proof for my mindscape hypothesis in that moment.

Although the telepathy seemed to go back dormant somewhat, other senses were also boosted, like my sense of memory and thought.

I realized, tis a *beautiful* concept, really, the concept of a pair of best friends from the eternity past......undergoing a (hell witnessing) trial of learning and affirmation. Yes, a trial that affirms irreplaceable bonds of friendship, care, love, and loyalty from an eternity past. Whatever the case, I have literally stumbled over a beautiful concept, and I have no regrets. Actually, I am thankful. The concept, surprisingly, fits in with *everything* I have written, and *all* of my current life circumstances. *Whatever* "level" I reach, I *refuse* to abandon a friend...... . I would *literally* go back, and *keep* going back in an attempt to help my friend remember their past. I am now going to consider the friendscape mindscape concept as something to live my lifestyle by.

This early morning featured an *expansive* dimension dive....... (*Goes red*). I spent most of my time hiding, and recovering. (*Feels my face burn red with a blush*). Yea, but in a new way.

Yea, I was in my hyperdimensional Gadget form again, with a red dress and all (*blushes vulnerably*), albeit with no face paint. While disoriented, and crouching in shock after perceiving my actual physical body's form (for the day, for I have so many form variants), I felt *relief*. I stood up, and felt an eerie sense of *comfort* (!!) that shook me to the core. Relief swelled in my heart, relief to be the me that I always needed to be. I had a plan and idea when I came back here? Meeting my trial partner, in here, should cause a mindscape reset in here, and a self perception reset. The process will be mutual. In other terms, upon synchronizing with each other, our true forms, and our true setting, will be revealed permanently. Yes, and we, too, can only suffer in abject misery, pain, anxiety, and confusion until that blessed and lifesaving moment. It is like being the keys to each other's perceptual locks. Me? I want to be in my true form, and even perceive it here from now on, because I want to see who can love me for being me, and not a illusory "local alpha male" 6'3 220lb Negro. I am in *agony* like this, and my trial partner could only feel the same way.

I give thanks for the knowledge that has been shared with me. Hyperdimensional family members fron the omnidimensional plane have been talking with me all night. My data processing abilities struggled, but I think I may have understood their message. Thanks for reading.
Tags: friendship, friendship is salvation, psychometry, salvation, special abilities, the infiniversal routing gem
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